Saturday 28 January 2023

RCW - Whites III

This is the last of my 'White' forces. I am hopeful to pick up a few more at the York show next weekend. I already have a few ideas of how I want to expand the force. Ideally I want 2 more infantry companies, probably one of the volunteer units to add a bit of colour. There is also the option of one of the officer units - Markov in their black uniforms that seem to be a must for most white forces.

Anyway here are the additions I've completed. First up is the HMG team from Copplestone castings. I kept these in the colours of the Izhevsk regiment.

Next up is an artillery piece to add a bit more firepower. This model is also from Copplestone castings. It was part of the bundle I picked up from Colonel Bills. The uniforms are just pretty generic for the gunners. I'm also not sure why I painted the gun carriage dark brown. I had been looking at various pictures which showed the wheel spokes as a light brown, different to the rest of the carriage. Still pretty happy with it and looks different enough from the gun in my 'Reds' collection.

So here is the collection so far. As can be seen it is seriously short of manpower compared to my Bolsheviks. Looks about outnumbered 5 to 1. Just the two companies with support weapons.

Well as I ponder new acquisitions I can make a start on the new project for this year.

Friday 27 January 2023

Praetors vs Greywolves - round 2

It's been a few months since we had a run out with the Mech.s As the club was moving rooms it seemed a perfect opportunity to play a game as we only needed a few figures. So Dave set up a quick game with my Praetors looking to ambush a Greywolves patrol.

As I got the first turn I moved my APCs and tanks into the cover of the buildings, meanwhile my light mech swung off to the right. The Greywolves sent 2 of their mechs to intercept. Unfortunately Dave failed a move roll, isolating one of his mechs.

This allowed my light mech to rapidly close in, firing on the move. Combined with support from my heavier mechs, one of the Greywolf mechs went up in flames. They responded by demolishing one of the buildings, taking out one of my infantry teams.

With one mech down, my heavies quickly closed on the enemy. The dice gods were definitely in my favour as more heavy fire took out a second mech. One of the Greywolves did manage to get its guns on my light mech, inflicting some damage and blinding the pilot for a turn. Unfortunately though the game was quickly up, in one turn my remaining mechs then inflicted crippling damage on the remaining two mechs and it was game over. All dopne in an hour

Well next week it willbe back to tricorns.

Wednesday 25 January 2023

RCW - Whites II

I finally got around to basing the second company of the Izhevsk rifle battalion. Just like the 1st company the troopers are all from Minifigs and the officer is from Copplestone castings. I also completed another officer in a more flamboyant white uniform. Just like the idea of him standing out from the rest.

I do have 2 spare figures remaining, the idea being I will use these for one of the more colourful officer units. I think I might try a couple of packs from the Empress range to bring them up to 10 figures. Hopefully they bring the range to the York show. In the meantime I have the HMG and artillery undercoated and hope to make a start on them in the coming days.

Sunday 22 January 2023

RCW - Whites

Just before Christmas I picked up a couple of packs of Copplestone White Russians from Colonel Bills. They were made up of some officers, HMG team and artillery, but no infantry. So I decided to make a speculative purchase from Minifigs for some of their Russian infantry. I was wanting something a little different from the Copplestone figures which make up my Red forces.

The poses from Minifigs are much more dynamic than Copplestone. Though the figures are slender, it is fine mixing in the odd Cooplestone figure, such as an officer. I wouldn't add a single Minifig to a Copplestone unit as he would look out of place.

So the 1st company from the Izhevsk Rifle battalion. The coat colours are a little greener than I would have liked, but does help them look different to my Boshevik units. As can be seen I have added one of the Copplestone figures to lead the unit.

I now have the 2nd company nearing completion, then I can start on the HMG and artillery.

Friday 20 January 2023

Tricorns at last

So Thursday at the club a couple of the lads wanted to try out the Hex based rules I have for the WSS / GNW. I willingly obliged but couldn't decide which theatre to go for, It ended up a mix as the first boxes I managed to retrieve from the shed were the French and Russians. So a bit of a cross over. As the players were all new to the rules, I went for a simple encounter battle. This allowed the players to get used to the mechanics.

As it was a training battle I didn't make many notes of what actually happened. Simple to say my poor Russian dragoons were rather mauled by rampaging Bavarian Cuirassiers. However my infantry were able to hold their own against the superior quality Bavarian and Irish infantry. Over on the left flank, Neil B and Mitch came to blows, Mitch slowly driving the Russian Dragoons back while their infantry fought each other to a stand still. 

Russian Dragoons advance

Russian Infantry on the march

Russians getting into line

Lovely blue coats of the Bavarians

Bavarian Cuirassiers

The sloe advance

Here come the French

Let's get ready to rumble

Musketry duel

Those Bavarians are hard to stop

The lines converge 

French and Russian cavalry move into position

Casualties mounting on both sides


French and Russians come to blows

Keep firing
After this I forgot to take any more pictures. Overall a fun game. The mechanics are simple enough for players to quickly pick up and easy enough for me to remember since I last played them pre-covid

Monday 16 January 2023

Last of the Turks

I've finally completed the last of my WW1 Turks from Copplestone Castings. They add a little firepower and leadership to the 40 riflemen already completed.

For the 2 HMG teams I added 1 of the officers, that way I can seperate them into two 3-man teams.

Lastly are the remaining 3 officers to lead the rest of the troops.

I've enjoyed painting these and quite fancy picking up a few more and maybe an artillery piece as well. With the York show approaching I may try out the Woodbine design range from Gripping Beast for a bit of variety. Now to try and finish the first unit of Whites for the RCW.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Sikh Infantry

Not  that my British forces really needed reinforcing, I couldn't help but add a company of Sikh soldiers. This would help give the force a more Imperial feel.  The 10 figures below are all from Copplestone castings and were nice and easy to paint up.

Hopefully it is not too long before they get onto the wargames table. I have also been making a start on some White Russians. I've picked up an artillery piece, officers and HMG team from Colonel Bills, they are all Copplestone castings. I also purchased some WW1 Russian infantry from mini-figs, enough for 2 companies. They are slightly slimmer than the Copplestone figures,but mix in fine. They also add a little variety. Hopefully get some of them undercoated tomorrow and I can make a start.

Friday 6 January 2023

The Lion and the Bear

So the first game of the year saw a return to the Back of Beyond. Unfortunately Robbo dropped out so it was down to just 3 of us. So Mitch would take command of the British, holding a small village and trying to prevent Bolshevik forces breaking through. He  had 4 rifle companies, an HMG company and a field gun. All were of an excellent quality (they were British after all). Sean and myself took command of  the Bolsheviks tasked with the breakthrough, We had a mixed bunch of poor, down right poor and dubious quality of troops for the task. The plucky Brits deployed along the crest of the hill while we had to advance onto the table

Brits in position

Reds on their way
The first couple of turns saw the Brits brewing up copious amounts on the finest Earl Grey tea as the Bolsheviks plodded their way forward. I pushed forward the Bolshevik cavalry to try and screen the advancing infantry. They did look glorious, flags fluttering in thr breeze, until the vickers machine gun opened up, unhorsing half of the 1st Sotnia.

Cavalry push forward

The Vickers hidden in the garden

The footsloggers plod forward

Brits resting against a stonewall

1st Sotnia takes casualties

Eventually the Bolsheviks came into range of the British field gun, which sent a number of shells whistling forward with only minor success. I quickly pushed my infantry into the woods. Meanwhile Sean deployed his own field gun and HMG team to return fire on the Brits. With both sides exchanging fire, the red  horde slowly closed with their foe. Unfortunately the Vickers machine gun was inflicting heavy casualties amongst my cavalry.


Keep to the cover Comrades

Vickers gunners enjoying themselves

Seans infantry flowing past the village

More casualties amongst the cavalry

As we began to close on the village, casualties were beginning to mount and were becoming a concern. I did manage to knock out one of the Vickers machine guns. Meanwhile Sean had finally seen off the British field gun, but at a high cost. 

Meanwhile the Bolshevik cavalry finally gained some revenge, cutting down a British rifle company caught in the open. Whilst our infantry closed on the village they ran out of steam, with casualties causing morale checks and suppressing a significant number of companies the fight went out of the Bolsheviks. Both sides agreed that the attack had stalled and with only a couple of companies above half strength we retired to fight another day.

The Reds advance

Onwards comrades

Overview of the field of battle

Getting ever closer


I don't like the look of this

Well a good fun game even if it was a loss. Mitch seemed to have the Dice gods on his side, never seen so many 5s and 6s when he normally can't roll above 3 on any shape of dice. The Morale of most of the Bolshevik troops really hamstrung us once the casualties started to mount. The Brits meanwhile seemed to just shrug of any casualties with indifference, stiff upper lip and all that.