Tuesday, 23 February 2010

WSS Weekend part II

Continuing on the last post... Saturday night and Sunday involved a 2 on 1 battle with 600 points of Franco Bavarians commanded by Mick and Jon against myself with 400 points of Saxons and Imperialists.
French and Saxons face off

The Bavarian columns advance

The 2 armies face off
Saxon attack on the French centre
This was a very hard fought battle. The lowlight for me was the sight of 2 Saxon cavalry brigades being badly mauled by their Bavarian counterparts. The main highlight was of 2 battalions of Hannovarian infantry the sallying from a village into the densly packed Bavarian columns and destroyed an infantry brigade before falling back, giving valuable breathing space to the Saxon right wing. Overall very enjoyable with honours about even, the Bavarian flank attacked had been held up, the French centre and Imperial left wing had been badly mauled....honours even.

Monday, 22 February 2010

WSS Weekend

I had the pleasure this weekend of of playing a number of Marlburian games at Micks. In addition to myself there was also Jon and Mike. The Saturday was of Two battles side by side each of 300 points using Mikes rules on hexes. For my first battle I was paired off against Mike and his Dutch army. After a tough opening saw my batteries overrun by Dutch Cavalry, A flanking move by 2 brigades of horse and 2 brigades of foot fell on the right flank off the Dutch also coinciding with a frontal assault by the Saxon Guards eventually forced back the Dutch resulting in a victory for the Saxon/Imperial forces.

The Advancing Dutch Army

The Main Saxon Army
The Flanking force of Imperial Infantry and Cavalry

The Saxon line awaits the Dutch emerge from the shadows

The Imperial troops fall on the Dutch flank
My second opponent of the day was the host Mick and his Bavarian army. (forgot to take photos of this game). After a very slow start for my Saxon/Imperial forces saw the Initiative with the Bavarian for the first half of the battle. Eventually the tables slowly turned in my favour with the arrival of a Brigade of Saxon Cavalry emerging from a wooded hill to fall on the flank of the Bavarian infantry. A hard fought battle that hung in the balance until the last few moves before reulting in a second victory for the Saxon/Imperial army.

Friday, 19 February 2010

VBCW - Raid on Stott's farm

Umpired my first game of VBCW today, with my 2 nephews taking on the leading roles commanding the respective Royalist and Anglican League forces. The scenario was based on the AL hiding out at Stotts farm, which was being used as a staging area for smuggled weaponry. The royalist forces under the command of a BF officer were out to arrest the miscreants.
First blood went to the royalist as they managed to pick off a couple of the AL sentries, after which a heavy exchange of fire took place with the AL having the worst of it. Eventually despite the arrival of some reinforcements the AL were forced to flee the farm abandoning their weapon cache and a prized armoured car to the victorious Royalist forces.
All in all a very enjoyable game, fast flowing using the rules from Empress miniatures. Shame I forgot to take the camera to get some pictures

Monday, 15 February 2010

VBCW pictures II

A few pictures of my growing forces for VBCW. First up is a small platoon of the Northern Horse mustering to intercept some marauding Scots.

These are the start of my Anglican League force, still working on the background but will be affiliated to the Bishop of Newcastle

Command group (Renegade and Foundry figures)

1st Newcastle Militia (Northstar and Empress figures)

The vehicle pool, 2 diecasts from Lledo and an armoured car (Big Geordie) from wargames command post.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quick update

Just a quick note, continued painting on the VBCW front. The collection now consists of 24 Regulars, 36 militia, 6 Police constables and 9 militia cavalry for my royalist faction. For opponents I am concentrating on the Anglican League under the Bishop of Newcastle, force is currently 19 milita (mix of northstar international brigade and Empress Assaultos) in their colourful blue and grey uniforms backed up by an armoured car i picked up from Wargames command post.

Now got to switch attention to Marlburians as I have a big game at Micks this weekend, will post some pics of the event. Current plans are to fight 2 battles of 300pts on Saturday and a 400pt battle on the Sunday. I've got 3 battalions and a medium battery to paint.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

VBCW - Northern Horse

The start of my Northern horse militia. I am using some black tree boers, currently have 9 and painted these 3 as a test. The others are going to have head swaps done once the heads arrive from West Wind. (mkI helmets)

These militia will form the mobile arm of the Garrison of Morpeth and the Wansbeck area. I plan to add a platoon of regulars from the Northumberland Hussars. There will also be a BUF attachment in Trucks as well as at least 1 armoured car and/or tank