Sunday 27 June 2010

scenic items update

Just added a couple of photo of some of the finished items, First the watchtower has been based, using a mixture of sand, flooor varnish and static grass. I have also managed to finish both pig pens and I'm quite happy with the results.

Made another small order with Gripping Beast for a large wattle & daub building to act as the Ealdormans home, some more highland cattle and a pack of vignette vikings.

Friday 25 June 2010

Scenic items

Just starting on a couple of the scenic items for the Viking shore raid. First up is a couple of shots of the watch tower, currently in the process of being based (using the bottom out of an old set of drawers). This is an old Amazon miniatures model. I started off with a black undercoat and gave it 2 coats of a cream dry brush but didn't come out how I liked and ended up with a brown ink wash all over that seems to have done the trick. The ladder is from the Games Workshop LOT rings just chopped down to a suitable length.

The second piece is a pig pen, utilising the Gripping beast stone out building and some wattle and daub fencing rescued from my bits box, again I have used the bottom of a drawer as a suitable base. This is still in need of re-painting and basing. The intention is to complete 2 sets of these.

Saturday 19 June 2010


Well work continues on the vikings, though slowly. managed to finish 3 more figures and complete building the longship, this just needs undercoating and a friend will paint it up for me allowing me to concentrate on the game boards and the rest of the figures.

Been a little distracted on this project first with the World up (though how much longer after Englands performance last night). Also dug out my old 2nd edition Blood bowl and played a couple of games with my nephews who promptly made off with the game for further practice. Forgot how much I used to enjoy playing this. Got inspired and quickly painted up a 2nd Human team with a couple of converted blitzers, just need to finish basing the Ogre. Also purchased another plastic Human team for my nephews off Ebay for them to paint up and share. They went for a simple Silver and Black colour scheme ala Oakland Raiders.

Saturday 12 June 2010

New links

Added a few links to some of the blogs that I regularly browse. One of the best things with this is you can often pick up some excellent ideas from other wargamers out there.

On the Viking front, managed to build 7 more of the plastic vikings and finished putting the longship together (a friend of mine has agreed to paint it due to tight timescales)

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Vikings!! pt2

The start of my viking force for Border Reiver, They aren't based yet as I will transfer them to Renedra bases and do all the basing when all the figures are finished.
First a mix of GB plastics, 1 artizan and 1 Foundry figure. The flag is taken off the Foundry site.

These 4 are mainly foundry figs with 1 Artizan, they all seem to mix well. The flag again is from the Foundry site, but this time I have painted over the colours (looks better.

These 5 are a mix of GB plastic, Foundry and Artizan, they all size up well together.

That makes 14 painted so far out ofthe 60, not bad going for a weeks work. I have 6 more metal figures undercoated and the remaining 40 GB plastics still to build.

For the initial defenders of the village I have a Saxon lord with his 5 sons in armour, supported by about 10 warriors and another half dozen armed peasants. Jon will be putting together the relief force which should give the Saxons another 40 or so warriors.
My order from Gripping beast which brings the livestock up to 4 cattle and 10 pigs as well as 8 peasants.

Saturday 5 June 2010


Started on the construction of my Long ship, had to trim the underside meant for a stand as I want to represent it as beached for the game. The revell is a nice model and well worth the money.

Also started on a possible layout of the game, no doubt the finished boards will bear no resemblence.

A couple of test build of the Gripping beast plastics, nice little models and easy enough to put together, though need to ensure the arms match up or the shoulders don't always look right.