Tuesday 26 April 2011

Prince Rupert of the Rhine

Finally managed to finish the base and take some photos of my Royalist C-in-C, Prince Rupert. A very nice model from Warlord Miniatures. I particularly like the dynamic pose of the figure. It has a greater sense of movement compared to the Trent Miniatures version.

Monday 25 April 2011

ECW Update

At last I've been able to put some paint to the figures again. All it took was for Newcastle to be playing on a Saturday at 3pm. It has always been my most productive painting time, in a room to myself listening to the match on the radio. Unfortunatly didn't get much down as some of the inlaws arrived. However I did complete the Prince Rupert figure and Boye from Warlord Miniatures. Once I've finished the basing I'll post some pictures. Atleast it got me some inspiration as I've now start to put some paint to a troop of Royalist horse.

Friday 22 April 2011


Nothing to much to report on the wargaming front. Done some painting, mainly some of my old collection of goblins (no pictures), using these at the club as part of a role playing game I'm running. Things dried up a bit on the ECW front, probably because I need to game for inspiration but still a bit short on parlaimentarian infantry. It's one of the difficulties when doing project where you need to complete both sides yourself.