Sunday 29 December 2019

Back to Middle Earth

Well after what seems an age, I'm finally back painting again. After moving my wargaming gear into the shed, I lost my permanent painting station. So after Christmas I bought myself a cheap folding table I can keep in the conservatory and get a little painting done.

So the first troops on the new painting table were Orcs. This was inspired by a number of great collections I've seen on Blogs and Facebook. These in the main plastic Isengard Uruks.  A few have had weapon swaps, mainly to replace broken pieces. They are deliberately quick and dirty with an eye on mixing them in with the existing Orcs in my collection.

The figures still need basing. I'll do this as a batch when I get the rest painted. The banners are just simple designs and look OK. The lighter one needs shaping a bit more so the trooper can see. Ive got approximately another 30 Orcs /Uruks to painted and another 20 that just need some touching up to add to the others below.

Now I'll have to wait for the release of the Oathmark wolfriders to add to my existing mounted troops.

Friday 8 November 2019

Border Reivers - En Garde

Well the collection saw its second run out at the club using the En Garde rules. Both forces came out at 135 points.

The game saw 2 families, the Grahams and Fosters fighting over a small farm. Though most of the fighting took place on the wooded hill.

The game saw both chieftains killed in the melee. The Chief of the Fosters took out his rival in melee, before being wounded by a pistol shot and being overwhelmed by vengeful Grahams.

We also tried out a couple of war hounds. I can see their potential but need more than 2. As a maximum of 4 models can be involved in a single melee, 3 war hounds can trap a single model, where as with only 2,  I was able to add a second fighter and saw off the hounds.

Overall I can see the potential of these rules. I even begun adding to the collection with a mix of Reivers arriving from Vendal and Hoka Hey. I also picked up some civilians from Reiver castings. I've also picked up some of the muskets and pikemen from Warlords wars of religion range which will see service as Garrison troops.

Sunday 27 October 2019

Quick Update

Even though the painting front has slowed slightly as I begin moving my wargames gear from the spare room into a shed. I did manage to complete the last 2 units of Jannisarries, too late for the game at Micks. The figures are from Legio Herioco, depicted in campaign dress. Very nice figures.

The only other work I've managed to finish is some 28mm walling for my Border Reiver project. Got 6 pieces finished so far with another 6 under construction.

These are quite simple to make. I just used some modelling sticks with a layer of polly-filla. I then added a few layers of aquarium stones. They look effective enough.

Saturday 19 October 2019

General D'Armee, Austrians vs French

Thursday at the club pitted my Austrians defending a ridge against some marauding French. I had 2 small infantry brigades with a mix of Jaegers, Line and Landwehr. They were supported by a small cavalry brigade of 2 Hussar regiments. The French had 2 large infantry brigades supported by some Hussars and Lancers.

To say the game was a disaster for my Austrians is an understatement. When my artillery couldn't hit a barn door, they became low on ammo. My Jaegers on the left got pounded by the enemy. When the enemy charged my closing fire missed. In fact most of my infantry lost Fire discipline which is not good when outnumbered and trying to defend. Still a very enjoyable game.

Austrian left wing
Austrian center
Desultory fire against French skirmishers
Casualties start to mount
Right wing under pressure
Jaegers forced back
Uh oh, 41st regiment about to run
Struggle on the left
French assault repelled
It was nice to get the Austrians on the table again. The game did seem to flow more than previous games. I put that down to less cavalry, which seem to dominate club games and leave little time for the infantry.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

'The Family'

I've finally managed to complete the last of my purchased figures to complete my Border Reiver family. First was the last of the Graven images/ Hoka hey foot and mounted figure. All 6 now done.

The last batch was the remaining 4 figures from TAG. Lovely figures with great detail.

So all together that rounds the family out at 6 mounted troopers, 14 footmen and a handler with a couple of sleuth hounds.

I've mixed 3 different manufacturers for this force and they mix reasonably well. Might have to start on a second family or maybe a Warden and some Garrison troops.

Monday 7 October 2019

En Garde

Well Thursday saw the first outing for my Border Reivers. As I hadn't played the En Garde rules before my opponent kept it simple with a straight up fight to get to know the rules.

Overall I liked the rules, the use of a combat pool certainly makes you think. I quickly realised that high ranked models are best to be avoided in combat, best to try and shoot them.

As l didn't track everything that happened during the game I've added a few photos from the game for flavour.


Next time we play these we'll need to add in mounted troops and use some of the extra combat abilities.

Saturday 5 October 2019

Additional Jannisarries

With a game arranged with Mick next weekend to test out some rule adaptions for Irregular armies of the late 17th century, l decided to add a couple more regiments of Jannisarries to my force. The figures are mainly Roundway with the officers from Friekorps.

These bring me up to 9 regiments. I do have enough figures for 2 more regiments but in campaign dress. Not sure if I have the time to get them done.

Sunday 29 September 2019

A Reiving we will go!

Well with a first test game of the En Garde rules from Osprey, l thought it best to complete a few more of my reivers. First up was the 5th foot and mounted figure from Hoka Hey/ Graven Images. Took no time at all to get this guy painted.

I also finished another 3 figures from TAG, still leaves 1 blister pack to complete. These are very nice figures and painted up well.

So this brings my Reivers up to a very use able force, though I'll definitely expand the collection but at a leisurely pace. So far l have completed;
5 Mounted troopers with dismounted option
1 March Warden
1 Houndsman with 2 hounds
10 Reivers with mixed weapons.

Wednesday 25 September 2019

More Border Reivers

I've slowly been making my way through the first set of figures I picked up for this project. Not far off being able to put on a small game to test the rules out.

First we have another foot and mounted figure from Hoka hey. This brings me to 4 of the 6 figures from 'Red Rowan'

I'm not too happy with the buff leather riding boots. They seem a little too bright. Next was the first figure from The Assault Group. They are a nice set of figures but much smaller than those from Hoka hey. They should mix better with the Reiver castings figures already painted.

I do have another of the Hoka hey foot and mounted figures completed, along with 3 more from TAG but I've run out of basing material.