Sunday 9 August 2015

Franco Prussian War progress part 2

With the big game edging ever closer and utilising some time off work I have continued to paint up my forces, concentrating on finishing the Bavarian I Corps. First up is 1 of the 2 units of Jagers that I require for the second division, the other is just awaiting to be based up. As usual the figures are all from Outpost.

Next is 3 more batteries of guns for the Corps. This brings me up to 7 batteries for the Bavarians (think my French might need more guns). Also the Divisional Commander can be seen hiding behind them.

I have also painted up enough figures to represent 2 battalions of the 13th infantry regiment as well as some prone markers, enough for 1 to each regiment. Thankfully Dave has passed on some spare figures that will allow me to bring these and the 10th up to 3 battalion strength.

As mentioned in an earlier post Mick provided me with a rather large bundle of cavalry figures, enough for me to put together enough regiments for a Prussian Cavalry brigade. I have increased the strength of the 2 cuirassier regiments and have now added a regiment of hussars.

With some left over figures I have added an artillery battery and used a spare Cuirassier officer painted up to look like a Prussian Divisional commander. He will suffice for now. The flags for the Cuirassiers are purely conjectural as not much information is available for them.

For a project that has stalled for the last couple of years I am rather proud that I have finally finished this Corps. So much so I am already thinking of adding a Prussian or Baden infantry Division and a second French Corps, possibly the 12th as it contains a division of marines.