Tuesday 28 February 2023

More Trojans

As mentioned in yesterday's post I had a couple of units of Trojan warriors that needed their bases finished. Well I managed to get them done today. So here they are 2 units of Trojan auxiliaries.  Like the rest of the figures in the collection, these are all from Museum miniatures.

Quite happy with how these turned out so another unit is part of the latest order to Museum miniatures, along with a few champions and Achaen spearmen. I also took the opportunity to prep plenty of figures for painting this weekend. They are mainly Achaens, a mix of Spearmen, auxiliaries and skirmishers. Should keep me busy for a while.

Monday 27 February 2023

More Achaens and a couple of extras

Progress has continued with the Trojan War project as I look to both bring the Achaens up to strength and finish off the Trojans. So the first additions are another unit of Achaen spearman supported by a couple of groups of skirmishers with slings.

Achaen shieldwall

Once again I went with the black and white goat skinned shields, though slightly more white than the last unit. I do have another unit of spearmen ready for undercoating, along with some archers and another group of slingers.

For the Trojans I finally completed the 2nd chariot to finish the unit. I also completed a second hero, this time Paris / Alexandros to lead a second contingent.

I should also have another couple of Trojan light spearmen / javelinmen completed once their bases are finished. I had a quick look through the unpainted pile to see what I have left to do.


4 Heroes

2 units of Lukka warriors

2 units of skirmishers with slings


5 Heroes

2 units of spearmen

3 units of Myrmidons

6 units of light spearmen

2 units of archers

2 units of skirmishers with slings

These will keep me busy for a couple of months. I do think I need to pick up a few more troops, especially a command group for each side to denote lesser heroes, a couple more light spears for the Trojans and heavy spears for the Achaens. I can then look into getting some buildings for the outskirts of Troy and even some ramparts for the Achaen camp. Of course there is also a few more chariots for both sides.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

More RCW Whites

In between painting figures for the Trojan War project, I'm still chipping away at the Whites for the Russian Civil War. I finally managed to complete the 2nd company for the Markov officer regiment. These once again are from the 'Forgotten Front' range from Miniature Figurines. Also for a bit of variety I put two including the office in white tunics.

The regiment all together

I also decided to get the force out as a whole for a bit of a review. They are still well under strength for facing my Bolsheviks. I currently just have the 4 infantry companies supported by the tank, an HMG team and the artillery. I can add another HMG and a cavalry squadron. I think going forward some more cavalry would be a good idea and a couple more infantry companies.

I really need to think about getting a game in with these just to blood them. It will need to be either a smallish game or multiplayer, will need to get my thinking cap on for a suitable scenario.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Trojan War - First Achaens

In a slight change from painting Trojans, I decided to make a start on the first Achaen unit. This is a heavy infantry unit and like the Trojans is from the Museam Miniatures 'Z' range. I did enjoy painting the shields. To help differentiate them from the Trojans I went with a black and white scheme.

I've got another unit of these prepped for painting and a couple of units of Slingers. After these it will be back to Trojans as I have 3 units of medium infantry also prepped. I will then either do the Lukka infantry to finish the Trojans or switch back to some Myrmidons for the Achaens.

Saturday 18 February 2023

I am the Law

For a bit of a change I decided to run a Judge Dredd game at the club. THe rules from Warlord games are not to my taste so I had a go at adapting Galactic Heroes from the Fistful of Lead stable. Most of the club are familiar with the rules so should help keep it flowing. I had also ordered a new mat from Tiny Wargames which happened to arrive just in time for the game.

I went for a simple scenario. The former Judge Grice was hiding out with a local gang while a Judge and Rookie partner moved to arrest him. There were also 2 extra Judges on Lawmaster that would arrive when a Joker was played. As a test it seemed to flow well, need to make a few ammendements to the abilties of the Judges and Lawmaster in readiness of next weeks game.

On Patrol

Gangers move to intercept the Judges

More gangers arriving

Another Judge turns up

Gun shots ring out

Casualties amongst the gangers

Another Judge arrives

Great shot to put a Judge down

The firefight continues

Not a good view

Judge cleaning up the streets

The arrest is made

I think next week I will also introduce some of the equipment cards from the boxed game, especially some of the special ammo that the Judges can use. I'm also pretty certain I have a few more figures for this game that also need painting up.

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Whites / Brits and Trojans

These are a bit of a mixed bag of figures I managed to complete while the family were laid low with covid, thankfully testing negative now. The first batch of figures are the 8 additional figures I needed to vomplete the 1st company of the Markov regiment for my Whites. The figures were all picked up from Miniature figurines.

I am tempted for the second company to keep 2 or 3 figures in white shirts, just to add a little irregularity to the units. The next figures were 4 more Brits from Renegade miniatures, I managed to find them in the unpainted lead pile. These should allow me to field 5 infantry companies now.

The last batch of figures were some more for my Trojan war project. They are a unit of javelinmen / auxiliaries and the first hero figure. I believe this one is designated as Hektor. He's not the most dynamic pose but still nice enough.

Hopefully over the weekend I can make some more progress on both the Markov regiment and the Trojan war project. I also have a few ideas for a large Back of Beyond game at the club, but need to get a few more figures completed yet.

Sunday 12 February 2023

Trojan light troops

Now that Covid has finally hit the household, I took the opportunity to make some more progress on my Trojans, mainly some light troops. First up is some pretty generic light bowmen who can skirmish at the front beofre the battle lines engage.


Next was another unit of archers which will most likely be deployed behind the line of heavy and medium infantry. Well protected by their large shields.

The last addition was some horsemen. These were inspired from the Trojan Horse as depicted in the David Gemmell novels. I may add a second unit in the future. The horses are much improved from some of the older Museum Miniatures I have in my collection.

I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. Looking at the unpainted pile I can add the second chariot, 2 units of auxiliary javelinmen, 2 units of slingers and 2 units of Luka mercenaries. Think I might need a couple more heavier infantry, then I can start on the Myceneans.

Well, better get back to the painting table.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

More Trojans

This another batch of Trojans that I managed to complete the basing on. First up is another unit of heavy infantry.

Lastly is the first chariot. I was going to use this initally as one of the heroes, but as I liked the model, I've purchased a second to make a unit. It was a little difficult to get the crew to fit due to the shields.

As I've bought both the Trojan and Achean hero packs, these will get based singly.  I've also managed to get some more Trojan archers and some cavalry undercoated. There will also be the first two units of Acheans.