Sunday, 31 May 2020

Germanic warriors for Infamy, Infamy

These make up the 4th group of Germanic warriors in readiness for the release of Infamy, Infamy.

These are from Crusader miniatures, I took advantage of one of there unit deals. The spears are from 1st Corps. I've also got some figures due from Warlord which will provide a 5th group and some additional skirmishers.

The figures were a joy to paint. Definitely suit my style of painting. I've already started on the left over warriors while I wait for the rest.

I will just need another 5 ambush markers and this army is finished. Then I can concentrate on some suitable opponents for them.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Gallic mercenaries

The beauty of using a Carthaginian force is the wide variety of mercenaries they employed. One such group were Gallic mercenaries. I've enough figures to put together 2 mobs of Gallic foot. They are plastic figures from Warlord, who also supplied the shield transfers.

I'm quite happy with these, even attempted tbe checked trousers on a few of the models. Definitely wanted to make these more colourful than tbe Germans.

I also put together a first deployment point for my Carthaginians.  I just used some spare Nubian goats from Warbase and a stone from the garden. Basic, but does the job for Infamy, Infamy.

As this project continues I've 2 more mobs of Germans to do , some more Carthagininans and a lare Republican Roman force to put together.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

FPW Prussian Jaegers and goodies

I finally made a start on the Prussian VI Corps. These are the Jaeger battalion added to the Division. Just the 8 figures, but at least it's a start.

The figures are all from the Outpost range. My only issue is the single pose. If I had needed more I could have purchased the other packs and mixed the poses.

In orher news the postman arrived with plenty of goodies. These will keep me occupied for a while.

So thats a box of Caesarian Romans from Warlord, some more Germans from Crusader, weapons and Hannibal to lead my Carthaginians from 1st Corps, some bases and finally some FPW Prussian infantry flags from Maverick models.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

More Infamy , Infamy

I finally managed to use up the last 2 figures I had from Wargames Factory. So pleased there are no more. 1 has been given a standard  which looks very Roman like and the other has been used as part of an Ambush point with some hounds from Gripping Beast.

While I'm awaiting the next batch of figures I decided to add to my Carthaginians. This time a unit of Libyan/African Spearmen with my first officer.

These Victrix figures are superb, just wish I had someone to put them together for me. Next though for my Carthaginians is a unit of Gallic mercenaries, just need to get them built first.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

More Germans

While I'm awaiting an order for some more metal German tribesmen,  I decided to paint up a few more of the  Wargames Factory plastics. These figures are pretty meh!! But they can be used to bulk up units for now. Besides I've had them sitting in a box for years.

The anatomy of the figures just don't look right. But still that's another unit for Infamy and a musician. There are 2 figures left to do, one will be carrying a standard and the other will be used as part of an ambush point with some spare hounds.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Hairy a...d Barbarians

Germans are the stereotypical barbarians of the ancient world. Nothing subtle about these guys. Now with the forthcoming Infamy, Infamy rules I knew I had some of these guys languishing in a box. I dug them out and after a little reorganisation there were enough painted figures for a warband, Chieftans, skirmishers and 2 groups of cavalry. So after some rebasing and touch up of the paintwork here they are. First the infantry, a mix of Foundry and Wargames factory.

Next were 2 groups if cavalry. These are from 1st Corps. Not my best paintwork, but they will do.

I also had 5 left over figures from Foundry to paint, so set to work. I also discovered some Wargames factory Germans. Tgese are not great, but servicable. So I built 5 to complete the group.

I do have enough of the plastic figures built for a further group. There are also a couple of spares for a standard, musician or as ambush points. I'll definitely will need more, probably 2 more groups of warriors as a minimum.

So that makes 5 units so far. I might have a look at some of the Victrix and Warlord plastics or even 1st Corp as they do grwat unit deals.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Infamy, infamy....

They've all got it infamy. As I await the release of these rules from the Too fat Lardies, I decided to make a start on a couple of warbands. The first will be some wild Germans using some of an existing collection with some unbuilt wargames factory sprues added. Should have enough figures for 3 groups of intantry, some skirmishers, 2 groups of cavalry, a general and 2 sub commanders.

However an army I've always wanted to do will be part of a subsequent book. The Carthaginians. I picked up some figures from Victrix as a good starting point. I'll add cavalry to the force later.

The first group completed is some Libyan skirmishers.

The next group I completed was some African veteran spearman. I deliberately mixed in round shields and a couple of soldiers still in linothrax armour with their captured Roman equipmeny. I feel it helps with the look.

I've built the next group of Spearman. These are all in Linothrax and round shields. They can represent either trained of fresh recruits. Hopefully get these completed over the next week.