Friday, 14 May 2021

SCW Nationalists

In a slight change to the Nationalist cause I decided to make a start on the regular army while I was awaiting the rest of the Moors. These first eight figures are all from Templar miniatures. A little rougher than the Empress figures, but they mix in well and they offer plenty of variants, which is a major benefit of the range.

I went for the army just to be a little different, most collections seem to concentrate on the more colourful parts of the Nationalist cause, Moors, Carlists and the Legion.

I'm now about 7 weeks into this project and thought it time for a bit of a stock take of where I'm at and what I still need as a minimum. I know I need to complete a platoon of Moors and the Nationalist army platoon and already have the figures. I can also complete the Carabinieros. I do have a Bofors AT gun for my International brigade, but will need to add some armour for the Republicans and atleast 1 AT gun for my Nationalists. Once these last figures are painted up I will have 3 platoons for each side with support options.



Republican vehicles

I definitely need to expand the Republicans to incorporate some socialist militia.  For the Nationalists it will either be an extra platoon for the army or a choice between some Carlists or Falangists. Plenty of time for a decision on that. I can also add dome additional support units, more HMGs, mortars, a section of Guardia Civil and even some Dynamenteros.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

SCW Armour and Moors

As my Nationalists were looking slightly outnumbered I decided to add some armour. These are two Panzer 1s and a Renault FT-17. These are 3D printed in plastic that I picked up from Paint and Glue miniatures. Lovely kits and a third of the price of resin models.

Can't wait to get a game in just to try these out. I also added another 16 Moors to the collection. I just need another 8 to complete the 2nd platoon. These are all from Empress miniatures.

I've now got some Nationalist army figures on the painting table for a slight change.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

SCW Moors ptII

I managed to complete another 10 of Franco's Moors, figures from Northstar. This will complete the first platoon and the extra 4 figures will be the start of the second platoon. The platoon is made up with figures from both Empress and Northstar.

The whole platoon together. Even managed to add the flag.

I also had 3 leftover figures from the Asaltos and spare International brigade officer. I decided to use them as the start of a section of Carabinieros. Not sure if I got the Green/Grey uniform correct, but it's close enough for me.

Now I just need to sort through the new/expected arrivals. There are another 16 Moors for the second platoon. 20 National army, an AT gun, 2 Panzer 1s and a FT-17. Should keep me busy this month.

I've already started to plan next month's purchases. I'll need 8 more Moors yo complete the platoon, 4 more National army for their platoon. 4 more Carabinieros. I then need to decide whether to add a 3rd platoon to the International brigade, sort out some Militia or make a start on the Falange.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

SCW International brigade

Another quick update as I completed the last 10 figures I had for the International brigades. These figures are all from Northstar, excellent for additional variety.

These additional figures complete my second platoon. I have a 37mm Bofors AT gun on order from Empress for a bit of extra firepower. So here are the 2 platoons together. A mix of Northstar, Empress and Musketeer miniatures.

I've now got some Moors on the painting table to complete their 1st platoon. I will then have to wait for a few orders for some extra Moors, Nationalist regulars and some tanks.

Friday, 30 April 2021

SCW Asaltos

I finally completed the last 5 Asaltos I required to bring them up to platoon strength. The last 5 are all from Empress miniatures.

So that's 3 sections of 8 riflemen, a command section and a Bilbao armoured car for support.

I also made some progress on a second platoon for the International brigade. Another selection of figures from Empress. I just need 10 more, which I have partly done from Northstar and the platoon would be complete.

I can now concentrate on the Nationalists. I need to complete the 1st platoon of Moors and have enough figures to nearly complete a second platoon.

Monday, 26 April 2021

SCW update

Finally finished the bases on some extra figures to go towards a 2nd platoon for my International Brigade. The figures are all Empress miniatures except two more from Musketeer miniatures. The flag is from Maverick Models.

I also made some additions to my Nationalists. Rounding out a HQ section and a mortar team for support. Need to get around to actually putting together a Nationalist army platoon. The flag is a simple design I picked up from the internet.

I've now got enough Moors and International brigade figures to complete their platoons. I also picked up some extra Asaltos which will ring my Republicans up to 3 platoons.

Monday, 19 April 2021

SCW BA-6 Armoured car

I picked up this 3d print from a new company for me, paint and glue miniatures. . A fantastic little kit and all for £7.50. That's roughly 3 for the price of the Warlord kit. The model is made of plastic and came in 2 pieces, the body and turret. There is an option to have the model made out of resin. There was very little clean up to be done on the model and their is plenty of detail.

I have deliberately left off any markings so that I can also use the model for my WW2 Soviets. Overall very happy with this model, so much so I've just ordered 2 Panzer Is and a Renault FT-17 from the range.