Saturday, 21 September 2019

More Ottoman Turks

With a game coming up against Mick and his Russians, I found the impetus to complete the last of the mounted figures for this army. They're still a handful of infantry to sort out.

So here is the last regiment of Sipahi.  Like the last unit I completed, these are the old Mikes Models. I loved painting these and tempted to get more. I again went for a slightly regimented look, sticking to red and white.

Lastly was some additional commanders to lead the army. These are a mix of Mikes Models and Roundway figures.

So that just about completes the army. Made of the following horse:
10 regiments of Sipahi 
3 regiments of Beslu
6 regiments of Dellis
4 regiments of Wallachians 
2 regiments of Akinji

The infantry is less impressive:
7 regiments of Jannisarries
7 regiments of Azabs
1 regiment of Tefuki
10 regiments of Irregulars.

I think I need some artillery. 

Saturday, 14 September 2019

'Hot trod' Border Reivers

It's the start of another little side project. Being a Northumbrian the Border Reivers, their history and background has always inspired me. So now it was time to actually collect enough figures to get them on the gaming table.

At the aptly named Border Reiver show in Newcastle I picked up the first figures for a family. A quick visit to the Hoka Hey stand to pick up a pack of mounted Reivers and their dismounted equivalent. Then it was a visit to Reiver castings to pick up a couple of packs from them. These along with a free Warden figure were a good starting point.

So first up is the Reiver castings. A hound master with a couple of hounds as well as a pack of mixed weaponed reivers.

Hound master and Slueth hounds
Warden's men

Not bad figures. They are a fraction smaller than the Hoka Hey/Graven Images figures, but definitely of a slimmer build.

Next up is 3 of the mounted figures from Hoka hey with their foot equivalent. These are hefty figures and were a joy to paint. The horses though are not my favourite.

Lastly is an old foam building that has been in my collection for a very long time. Probably more for the Highlands  of Scotland, but will see service as an isolated cottage in the borders.

The turf roof looks very bright in the photo, but is actually much darker.

Next I have the last 3 mounted figures to complete. I also ordered a couple of packs from TAG which have just arrived, more compatible with the Reiver castings. Not a bad start. I will have to add some civilians, livestock I have plenty of. I also might pick up a Bastle House, I have seen one in MDF but it has a staircase?? These were a later addition as most Bastle houses used a ladder to the upper entrance. I may just build one myself with foamcore.

For rules, I have the Osprey En Garde rules which look suitable for the period. Will look to give them a try in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Crimson Fists

After a small club game on Thursday night I decided to add a few extras to my Crimson fists space marines. Going through the old spares box I was able to add some extra close assault troopers, a couple of heavy weapon troopers and enough tactical marines to round them out at 3 squads.

Next up was some vehicles to make the force more mobile  especially as I envisage games where they are responding to attacks or out on patrol. I've been able to add a dreadnought, a very old rhino kit from my youth. The other 2 vehicles are from Old Crow. The beauty of Rogue trader is I can create my own stats for these.

So I reckon that's 2 weeks work to get a usable force on the tabletop to face the Orks. Now I can get back to my Crimean War project.

The force consists of
1 captain
1 Librarian
1 assault squad
3 tactical squads

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Battle for Rynn's World

One of my side projects that I dip into now and again is my Rogue Trader era Orks. I always keep an eye on EBay and managed to pick up a few extra figures. First up are 2 heavy weapon figures, both armed with heavy plasma guns.

Next up was a find, 6 partially painted figures which included the 3 command figures for the Ork Raider boxed set. This brings me to 3 completed sets with a couple of spare troopers. I basically just finished these figures off for speed.

Now I did a re-fight a few years back of the Battle of the farm scenario in the back of the rulebook. I had to use my Black Templars as l didn't have any Crimson Fists. Now it was time to correct that after committing to run a Rogue Trader game this week. So a rummage amongst the unpainted pile of figures produced 20 marines. With only a couple of days to go these got a pretty basic paint job, but good enough to satisfy me. Now I can run a mini campaign on Rynn's World.

The force is made up of a Captain, an assault squad and 2 tactical squads. All are under strength which helps depict the state of the Crimson Fists during this war.

I still need to source some decals for the shoulder pads. I do have some but cannot recall where l stored them.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Criman War Russians Phase 1 complete

Well with the last few bits and pieces painted up I feel that phase 1 is complete. Phase 1 being enough troops to get a game in with. So 3 more artillery pieces and a couple of commanders added. I should have enough artillery now for 3 batteries.

So far the army has 2 completed infantry brigades and 2 half brigades, with a few supporting skirmishers, artillery and cavalry.

Phase 2 will concentrate on completing the 2 half brigades and expanding the cavalry with some hussars and dragoons.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Crimean War Russians

Following my last post I finally completed all of the re-basing of my Russian infantry. Now I don't like re-basing at the best of times, but 10mm figures were a real chore. To complete the units I painted up some additional command figures.

First up are 5 completed battalions, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Minsk. The 3rd and 4th Volhynia. Figures are all Pendraken. I still need to add the flags.

Next are the 6th rifles in skirmish order. I cannot find any specific figures for these in 10mm so used spare figures without the great coat. There are also 3 bases of skirmishers from left over figures to screen the infantry columns.

With these additional units I will need some more brigade commanders. These 3 are from Old Glory and their Napoleonic range. Fit in just fine.

Lastly is the first fully completed new unit, the 57th Don Cossacks. I have 5 squadrons gone so far, but will need 6. Luckily the next regiment only needs 4 squadrons so the spare figures will complete the regiment.

Not bad for a weeks work. I still have a few commanders and some artillery on the painting table before I can start on the last 2 infantry battalions I have figures for.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

The Crimean War

After much mulling over possible new 6projects I decided instead, to re start an old project. The Crimean War in 10mm. I've had some painted Russian troops sitting in a box for a number of years. I was never happy with the basing. I had used Fire and Fury bases as these were the intended rules, but when ranked up they just didn't look right. I decided to increase the base depth from 20 to 25mm and double the number if figures to a base. I feel these look much better. The only draw back is it's left me with over 60 figures without command figures.

It was then a chat with Dave who reminded me that Pendraken can cast figures up on request, so worth checking out. I duly did and Leon, the nice chap at Pendraken agreed to cast up the command figures for me. So order in with a few extras.

So here are the figures re based. 8 battalions completed. The extra command will get me another 7 battalions.

Now for rules. I'm contemplating using the General de Armee rules Dan Brown as a starting point as the tactics hadn't changed much. May have to adjust some of the firing ranges.