Tuesday, 11 August 2020

More Britons

After the change to Numidians in the last post, it was back to Ancient Britons. Another mob from the Warlord plastic set. I did add one of the metal 'linebreakers' for variety. Another thing I did was use some of the spare heads from the Victrix plastics, again for more variety. They are not a bad match.

I also put together another Status II leader, dubbed Cautinamix. He is one of the metal linebreakers with a head from the Victrix mounted set.

I've now got another unit of Nobles on the painting table along with their chariots. After these, 1 more mob to do with some extra slingers and fanatics. Looking at the Infamy lists for Gauls, if I add a unit of archers and 2 units of mounted nobles I would be able to field all of their starter forces.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Numidian Cavalry

Fancying a change from painting Britons, I decided to complete a unit of Numidian cavalry for my Roman and Carthaginian armies. From various Infamy, Infamy battle reports I've seen, they should be very handy on the tabletop.

However, the painting of them I did not enjoy. The figures are from Warlord as part of their SPQR range. They are of that wierd plastic / resin mix. The undercoating was a chore as the paint does not spread well. Probably better to use a spray undercoat. The other issue is the horse's legs. They are quite spindly and give a lot of movement to the figure. A bit annoying when trying to paint and the figure seems to bounce around to each brush stroke. For whst should have been quite a quick paint job has taken me a week to complete. Thankfully I don't have any more to paint up.

I have also taken advantage of the sale from Newline Designs to pick up a few more Britons and some Numidian Javelinmen.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

More Britons

Some more additions to my Ancient Britons for infamy. First up is 2 Warlords to lead the warbands. Both models are from Warlord games, one is the Vercingetorix model which I'll use as the Warlord Betamatix. The other is from the linebreakers set. He will be a status II leader , Weetabix.

The shield on Betamatix is my first attempt at hand painting a Celtic shield. Not bad for a first attempt. Might even try a few more.

I also took the opportunity to add another 10 Celtic warriors to the force. I will eventually sort them out into their correct groups for Nobles, warriors and levy.

Again these are the plastic figures and shield transfers from Warlord. Just 20 more of these to go. I've also took advantage of the Newline sale to order some more slingers, fanatics and Nobles. There are also 2 more chariots ordered from Crusader to finish the army.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Ancient British Chariots Pt2

I finally managed to get the crew and basing done for both my chariots. Very happy with how they have turned out.

I can definitely see me getting another couple of these from Crusader miniatures.  It will also allow me to field any of the British starter forces.

In addition to the chariots I also completed another 10 plastic Warlord warriors. The only issue is a lack of shields. I've ordered some extras from Warlord for the rest of the boxed set.

On the terrain front, I knocked up some bases to use as marshes. I will add some tufts whenever they actually arrive. The MDF bases were from Warbases listed as ponds.

I now have another 10 warriors on the painting table along with a couple of suitable leaders.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Ancient British Chariots Pt1

I finally decided to make a start on the 2 chariots I picked up from Crusader miniatures. The Chariots themselves are actually mdf kits from 4Ground. There are a couple of options for putting them together.

To paint the chariots I went for a simple colour scheme i.e. bare wood. I wanted these to look well used. I have seen some painted very colourfully. I may do some more with a bit of colour in the future.

I've now made a start on the crew and should have them finished in a couple of days. Then I can get them based and ready for the games table.

Looking at the Infamy, Infamy rulebook I need 2 more chariots to be able to cover all the starter forces for the Britons, luckily Crusader have 4 crew variants so that's sorted then.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Enemies and Allies of Rome plus a field

Further progress has been made on my forces for Infamy, Infamy. First up is a second unit of Spanish Caetrati. I deliberately painted all the tunics white as intend to mix them with figures from the first batch. Again the figures are from Victrix.

Next up was some Ancient Britons. These are some slingers and a mounted commander from 1st Corps. Originally the mounted commander was to lead my Gallic cavalry as part of my Caesarian force but he is dwarfed by the victrix cavalry.

So my Britons are progressing.  I have already got my 2 chariots built and ready for undercoating. There is also a 3rd mob of warriors ready to paint.

So far I have 2 groups of warriors, the slingers and some skirmishing cavalry. Eventually all of the armoured figures will be assigned to their own unit as nobles.

Lastly I managed to complete a field for my Celtic village. The wattle fencing are old metal pieces from Grippibg Beast. Ive also ordered another roundhouse and a pigsty from Hovels.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Celtic Roundhouses completed

With the nice weather this morning I sat in the garden and cracked on to finish both of the Roundhouses. After the wood varnish had dried over night I set away drybrushing the earth with cream.

With sitting in the sun everything dried very quickly and I was able to add some patches of static grass.

Building 1

Building 2

And both together.

The Celtic warrior in the picture is purely for scale. Despite Hovels stating these are aimed at 25mm, they look perfectly fine against 28mm. Now I need to make some progress on my Ancient Britons.