Monday, 19 October 2020

A call to the Darkside

In between the Franco Prussian war project I couldn't help but add a few more Stormtroopers to my collection. First up is two squads and a pair of 74-Z Scout speederbikes. These were all part of a bundle I picked up off EBay for under £20.

I also picked up a box of the Stormtrooper reinforcements set. These provide an extra commander and some extra heavy support weapons. With those already painted, brings the total up to 25 Stormtroopers.

I do have 2 extra Stromtroopers to paint, but these are from the Imperial Assault game. They are noticeably smaller. I can raise their bases and then hide them within the units.

I also picked up some Rebel troopers. These were already painted. I did intend to repaint these as they didn't look the best in the pictures. However when they arrived, they looked much better in the flesh, so just some rebasing and they are ready to go.

So what next. I've a couple of Bounty hunter types from Diehard miniatures which look very much like Mandalorians. There is also 4 Emperors Bodyguards from the EBay bundle to paint. I wouldn't mind adding some more Speederbikes, some of the film characters and a few more Rebels.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

FPW Prussian IR#51

Finally managed to get the bases completed on the 3rd unit for 11th Division. These will represent the 51st regiment. Like the previous 2 regiments; the figures are all from Outpost and the flag is from Maverick Models.

Unlike the previous 2 regiments, these have a mix of poses. Not sure which I prefer.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020


Being a big fan of Star wars it was only a matter of time before I picked up some figures for a bit of gaming. I haven't settle on any particular rule set. To start with I picked up a box of Stormtroopers for Star Wars Legion. These are very nice figures. So much so I've already added an expansion pack and picked up a few extras off EBay.

So here they are 7 of the Emperors finest.

Really enjoyed painting these despite the white. I simply started with a black undercoat.  Each model was given a drybrush of firstly grey, then 2 successive drybrush coats of white. I then completed them with a wet brush again of white on the larger areas. The weapons were kept black, highlighted with dark grey.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

FPW Commanders and artillery

I'm slowly chipping away at the Franco Prussian war lead mountain. This time some extra commanders and the artillery for Gordon's XI Division.

The figures are mainly Outpost with the Buglar from Essex. He was lying around in the spares pile and thought I'd put it to use.

The guns for XI Division are a mix of 4 and 6pdrs. I've represented them as 2 of each. These are also from Outpost. It is quite difficult to tell the guns apart. The 2 on the left are the 6pdrs.

Now I just have the last 2 infantry regiments to do to complete the Division. I'll then either move on to XII Division or possibly switch to some French XII Corps.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

FPW Prussian IR#10 Grenadiers

This is the second infantry unit completed for VI Corps, the 10th. They are given an honorific title as Grenadiers.

Like the last regiment the figures are all from Outpost and the flag is from Maverick Models. However this time I did the coats slightly lighter shade of blue than the last unit. I had taken a couple of photos at the museum at Gravelotte and find that the coats are not quite as dark as I thought.

As can be seen, there is little difference between the French and Prussian coat colour.

Pretty happy to get these completed. With some progress being made on this project I have ordered the required artillery for the Division. Helps break up the painting queue. I find 30 figure units problematic to paint, ideally I should break them down to smaller chunks.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

FPW Prussian IR#18

In a slight change from painting ancients and 28mm figures, I decided to add the first full Prussian infantry regiment for my Franco Prussian war collection. These are painted up to represent the 18th Infantry regiment that was part of the 11th Division under Gordon as of the 1st August 1870. The figures are all from Outpost miniatures and the flag is from Maverick Models.

Pleased to finally complete my first Prussian infantry for this collection. Just 7 more regiments to complete, then I can add the artillery and some Dragoons.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

More Romans and Britons

I now find myself in the unusual position of just painting up extra figures for Infamy, Infamy. All of my core forces are now complete, but it seems a shame to waste the  left over figures.

First up is a group of Caesarian legionaries. This time I removed the helmet plumes and went for plain black shields. I can see future Roman civil war games as I have enough figures for another unit.

After I had converted my German slingers I had 4 figures left over on the sprue. The 2 armoured figures will see use as leaders for my Britons. I had realised that all my commanders so far were unarmoured and this needed rectifying. To further distinguish them, I used heads and cloaks from Victrix.

This now gives me 5 leaders and a champion. At least I can replace casualties amongst my leaders. Now I just need to complete 2 more deployment points for the Britons.