Tuesday, 16 July 2019

RoSD bits and pieces

As I missed the club this week l decided
to add a few more bits and pieces for my next Rangers of Shadow Deep game. First up was a few extra terrain pieces to act as battlefield cover. The broken columns are old cake decorations recycled.

Next up was an old Bugbear figure from Reaper Bones. Think he is designated as a leader. I already had 3 of these guys painted up.

Staying on the theme of bad guys. I have 3 more cultists. 1 is an old Chaos Sorcerer whole the other 2 are from the old Cultists of the Red Redemption regiment. I do have another 2 figures but cannot locate them yet.

Lastly is the first figure purchase i have made for this game. 1 is a stone construct, which could also be handy for Frostgrave. The second is an undead Champion to led my Skeleton warriors

I do have a few more old figures that I can add, they just need touching up and re-based. After this it should be back to Ottomans.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

More RoSD extras

After my first game of these rules I decided to add a few more figures. Mainly just to provide some of the extras I'll need for future scenarios.

First up is a couple of heavily armoured chaps from the Blacktree miniatures Crusader range. I can use these as a knight and Templar.

Next up was a couple more companions. A second Savage and a Conjuror from the Frostgrave range.

Next were to be some Cultists. It was then I realised I had used all the bodies for some undead warriors. I then remembered I had some plastic Gripping Beast Arab spearman left unused. So a few simple head and arm swaps and I have my cultists. I even found an old GW Redemptionist figure to act as a leader.

Next up I made a start on some extra scenery pieces just to clutter up the battlefield.

I've got 2 more of these done up, just need their bases finished.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Back to Ottomans

After a slight diversion on some fantasy models for Rangers of Shadow Deep, its back to painting more Ottomans. I never really stopped painting them, just added a colour here and there till now their completion. First up is 2 more units of irregular infantry from Roundway.

These guys will not be much use in the musket era, but their numbers will hopefully overwhelm the enemy.

Next is the last of my Dellis. 2 more regiments from the old Mikes models range. Not exactly historically accurate but I like them.

With these done, there is 1 more regiment of Sipahi's to complete and a few regiments of Jannisarries.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

RoSD extras

The one thing I'm enjoying about this game before I've even played it  is the excuse to dig out figures from the lead and plastic pile that have just sat unloved and unpainted.

First up is a werewolf. I picked this up as part if a Nickstarter for Frostgrave. I know there is a mission book that needs 2 if these and I already had one painted.

Next are 2 Ogres from the old Chronicle range by Nick Lunds. Lovely figures if a tad smaller than the later Jes Goodwin models that came out. Quite fancy getting a couple more of these.

Following these I've added a few more companions just to keep options open and to allow a second ranger to be fielded by a club member. The first 2 are a savage and archer from the Frostgrave Barbarians set. The last is an old pre-slotta Citadel Captain. Forgot how much I liked this figure.

Now lastly is something of an experiment and constitutes the first purchases for this game. They are plastic spiders from a Halloween set. You get 30 for £1.59. The only issue I have is they struggle to hold paint. May need to add a layer of varnish. Just gave them a quick dry brush as seem OK size wise.

Now I need to spend some time sorting out my ranger for Thursday's game.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

RoSD update

While I'm still in the groove for painting I've continued completing some additional figures that I'll need for the first game. So first up was some additional companions.

These are an additional archer which is an old Bretonian squire figure. The other is a Frostgrave apprentice that looks suitable as an Arcanist.

These two figures are from the Frostgrave plastic Barbarians. The one on the left will be an additional Rogue. The one on the right can either be an Archer or Tracker.

Lastly are 5 more Skeletal warriors, added to the others brings me up to 10. More than enough for this game.

So what's left? I've a couple of savages and an archer from Frostgrave Barbarians. There is another Conjurer,  knight , Templar and a Man at Arms. For bad guys there is a werewolf and some giant spiders.

Friday, 21 June 2019

RoSD Companions and Monsters

As mentioned in my last post I've been digging around in the old figure collection for suitable figures for Rangers of Shadow Deep (RoSD). The first figures were already painted but just needed so TLC. They've provided a Conjurer, Barbarian, Templar and Hound. The Conjurer and Barbarian are old Grenadier sculpts. The Templar is from Crusader miniatures and the Hound is from Gripping beast.

The next group of figures are all from Northstars Frostgrave range. These did require building and painting. They have provided a Soldier, Rogue, Archer and a 2nd Templar.

The 3 plastic figures were a joy to paint. Shame I don't have any more sprues of these. What I did have was some leftover Cultists who are now in the service of the Shadow Deep as Skeletal warriors. There are 5 more just awaiting basing.

Not a bad start. I've already got another Archer, Rogue and Arcanist being painted up. I also picked up some very cheap plastic spiders from a Halloween set that with a quick drybrush should look the business. Now to look forward to my first game next week.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep

I've decided to take the plunge on this game. I've always enjoyed Frostgrave by the same author, even though mages were never my thing. This game with Rangers has a bit more appeal.

After ordering the rules and browsing through a PDF version, I decided to have a dig around in the collection for some suitable miniatures.

First up, a Ranger is required. Despite looking enviously at the latest models from Northstar l decided to use a couple of spare GW Lord of the rings figures. They are very similar to the official figures.

Now for companions, l painted up a couple of the Frostgrave plastic adventurers. Kept the colours simple.

I'll need more than these 2 doughty fellows. So  far the old collection has unearthed a barbarian, a wolf hound, conjurer and a knight. These guys are currently just in  need of some TLC and new bases.

For Beasties, I've plenty of undead, though Gnolls are one thing l don't have. Will likely substitute Orcs for these.