Sunday 29 May 2022

RCW Sailors

Finally got around to adding another unit to the collection. This time a unit of sailors. Once again these are from Copplestone castings. I went for winter colours for the trousers. I do have a second unit to do and may add a few more civilian colours.

Even though these have taken a while to complete, I find my interest in painting figures is slowly returning. I've already made a start on an artillery piece and some extra officers. I even prepped and undercoated the second unit of sailors and some Siberian Riflemen.

With the announcement by Northstar that their will be a price increase from June. I may try and put together an order before then for the few bits and pieces I still need.

Friday 13 May 2022

This is the Droid you are looking for

So this week we continued where we had left off. Rogue Teams 4 and 6 had managed to secure the Rebel sympathiser, only to be informed that her astromech was hidden in the swamp and was carrying some important Imperial intel and needed finding. Meanwhile Rogue Teams 2, 3 and 5 were engaged with numerous Stormtroopers as they tried to set explosive charges to the compound. 

Rebel sympathiser secured

Heavy fighting in the compound

Teams 4 and 6 slowly made their way towards the swamp, under fire from a handful of remaining Stormtroopers. To make things worse another group of Scout Speeder bikes arrived. The Rebels took the decisive action to double time it to the swamp while a handful of troopers quickly dealt with the new threat.

Teams 2, 3 and 4 though were having a hard time of it. Though they did manage to set all of their charges, casualties were beginning to mount. The Rogue Team 3 decided to head back to the transports, thinking the job was done, much to the chagrin of the remaining commandos who now faced fresh numbers of Stormtroopers.

Lets move out

More Speederbikes

Be careful what you find in the swamp

I got a bad feeling about this

With the presence of the Speederbikes, Team 6 laid down covering fire, quickly dealing with the threat. This allowed the rest of the team tom begin searching the swamp for the Astromech, eventually finding the little blighter. Teams 2 and 5 continued to fall back under pressure from the Stormtroopers, though they did manage to get a couple of shots at the Imperial officer, only for a Stormtrooper to get in the way at the vital moment. With the opportunity gone the remaining Commandos fell back to their transport. At least achieving 3 out of the 4 objectives secured 15 victory points against 8 for the Imperials, Though at a heavy costs to their commando teams.

Lets deal with these Speederbikes

Searching the swamp

I found him

Next week we have 2 more games planned. The intention is for the missing Rogue Team 1 to finally land and attempt to complete the 4th objective and remove the Imperial officer. The second game will see a Galactic Starfighter game with Rebel X-wings trying to escort the escaping freighters from Imperial Tie fighters.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

More Afghans

As the painting mojo continues to struggle to return, I finally completed a few more Afghans. They were the last 12 figures from a box of the plastic warriors from Perry miniatures.

The flag is from the ones supplied in the boxed set. Not my best work by any means, just glad to get something completed. I kept to a limited palette to try and speed up the painting time, but they still took over 2 weeks.

Saturday 7 May 2022

Blame it on the Wookie

 "All teams call in"

"Rogue 3 confirmed", "Rogue 5 confirmed", "Rogue 6 confirmed", "Rogue 2 Confirmed", "Rogue 5 confirmed"

"Rogue 1? come in Rogue 1 where are you?"

"Looks like Rogue 1 didn't make it, ok boys lets hit the targets and get out of here before those Imperials turn up"

"Where's the Wookie gone? shit where did that patrol come from....go, go, go"

No plan survives contact with the enemy. So Thursday's game did not get off to the best of starts. 1 Player short, so 1 team short. The teams land and quickly split up to hit their targets. It then went wrong as surprise was lost when the Wookie decided to rush past an outbuilding straight into an Imperial patrol. Luckily the scout troopers were no match for the irate Wookie. The rest of the squads poured some rather desultory fire into the remaing Imperials who fell back.

Lets go

Where did the Wookie go?

Second Imperial patrol

The Wookie though chased after the last scout, quickly dispatching him before being gunned down by a second patrol. Rogue teams 4 and 5 then went onto the offensive with all guns blazing. Meanwhile Rogue teams 2, 3 and 6 cautiously advance on the space port. At this point another scout patrol literally walked around the corner straight into them. These were quickly dispatched but all semblace of secrecy was gone.

Go, go go

Right lads, quietly does it

More Imperials!

With Rogue teams 4 and 5 chasing down a lone stormtrooper. Lets just say shooting practice is required. They ran to a team of speederbikes. They quickly put down a hail of fire taking them out.


Shit, no ammo

Meanwhile teams 2,3 and 6 reached the cargo bay, slowly making their way in to set the charges. Unfortunately the Imperials were now aware of the situation and the garrison began to deploy. Heavy fighting ensued with 2 rebels down and another bleeding out. 

Quietly does it lads

More Imperials 

Pew, pew pew

Another Imperial patrol arrived on the table and promptly engaged Rogue teams 4 and 5. Once again ammo seemed to be an issue for the Rebels. At this point another rebel was left bleeding on the table. Though team 4 retrieved the informer, they now discovered his astromech was lost in the swamp with valuable intel to support the Rebellion.

Imperial patrol

Rebel scum being dispatched

So things are still in the balance. The loss of 3 rebel commandos and 2 others wounded is being felt as more Imperials begin to arrive. Next week will be tense.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Star Wars - preparation

I managed to get down to the club over the weekend to set up the table for a large club game for Star Wars. Helps save a bit of time on Thursday night. 

The game is based around 6 small rebel teams landing on the planet with 3 main objectives. Works out at 2 teams per objective. If a player fails to turn up we will class the team as intercepted by Imperials. Each team is made up of only 5 models, a leader, a specialist and 2 commandos. The Imperials will be controlled by yours truly. 

The rebels have to retrieve a rebel sympathiser hiding out in the farm in the bottom right of the map. Objective 2 is a simple, locate and destroy a cargo area within the spaceport, right under the nose of the Imperial barracks. The 3rd objective is to take out 1 of the Imperial officers. Obviously all teams must evacuate via the landing pads so timing is important

Looking forward to the game.