Sunday 30 October 2011

Undead Champions

Second post today, just finished the last 3 undead champions for the Undead army I'm putting together. I've also finished off the unit of 10 ghouls, a mounted vampire blood knight and 1 ghost. That just leaves 1 undead horseman and 10 skeletons to complete the start of my force. Sorry only 1 photo as most of them were just crap when I took them this one isn't much better). Will try and wait for a better day to take more photos.

Dystopian wars update

Did manage to take a couple of photos of my fleet before battle commenced. Then promptly forgot to take anymore photos.

My 2 Battleships

My Cruiser Squadron

 Tiny flyers

Sorry the photos aren't of the best quality, lighting at this time of year is poor and I'm still struggling with the macro on my camera. As for the game iotself, it got bogged down due to 2 many players all trying to learn the rules. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it, especially after making a deal with The Britannia player and promptly turning my ships onto the rear of the Prussians. The result, I lost in total 2 cruisers and 5 of my frigates but claimed kills for 1 battleship, 1 cruiser and 4 frigates. Can't wait for another crack at these rules.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

More Pirates

These are of the skeleton pursuasion. I got these from Black Scorpion miniatures at £8 for 4. I've also got the Captain on the painting table, just awaiting his base to be finished and I'll post a picture of him later in the week.

Now some individual shots of the models. These were quite easy and quick to paint, now just got to get some rules and a game sorted for my daughter.

Lastly 4 of the mantic ghouls that I'm going to use to bulk out her undead crew. These are lovely little models and well worth price.

Drilling platform

Just put this little model together last night using some spares from my bits box. The bases are from a platform set I had long ago broken up. There are a couple of 1/72 ammo crates which I'm using as buildings and the tower is a barrel cut from a GW ork gun. Decided to make this just to add a bit of scenery to the clubs Dystopian wars naval games. I've also bought some old spare monopoly buildings which I'll be able to use to represent a coastal town.

Friday 21 October 2011

First Dystopian wars game

Well, on Thursday I took part in my first Dystopian War game. Must say the rules are quite easy to pick and make for quite an enjoyable game. When the fleets were all laid out I realised  I was in trouble. There were 2 Britannia fleets, 1 @ 1000pts the other 800pts. Blazing sun had a 1000pt fleet and the Prussian with 2 1000pts fleets. Then there was little old me with a paltry 630pts FSA. Some careful maneuvering was required to keep my fleet intact.

The Scenario revolved around the Brits holding the Galapagos islands with 1 fleet awaiting support from the second fleet. The rest of us were out to stop them. The game didn't start too well for me with my dive bomber squadron getting severely mauled by some Brit frigates and their pesky AA guns. However my one joy was when my own cruisers sank a Brit frigate and damaged one of their cruisers. In the rest of the battle the Brit submarines were proving their worth against the Blazing sun cruisers while one of the Prussian battleships attempted to take on a dreadnought single handily and came of worse.

Now though the arms race begins as each player is realising the usefulness of certain ships as I myself am pondering the purchase of a dreadnought (well everyone else has got one). As you can gather I still need to get some batteries for the camera but should remember next week for the conclusion of the game.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

On the work bench

Sorry no photos as I need some batteries for the camera.. It's been a bit of a quiet week on the painting from. I have managed to finish the last few ships for my FSA Dystopian war fleet, namely the carrier, battleship and 3 cruisers. I've also just ordered the rules, another battleship and 3 destroyers. Hope the rules arrive before Thursday as I've volunteered to take part in a large multi-fleet game. Bit daunting consider I have never even read the rules.

The only other items on the work bench are some more pirates for my daughter. I got these from Black Scorpion, nice sculpts but boy was there a lot of flash to be removed. These came in at £8 for 4 figures, bit pricier than my normal purchases, but they are only for a small game. I got a pack of both skeleton and Elf pirates. To support the skeletons I picked up 10 Mantic ghouls, these are nice figures and I already have 2 on the work bench part painted. They will also be useful for my unfinished undead army. Well that's it for now, will try to get some photos of Thursday's game

Friday 14 October 2011

Battle of Shelbyville (part 2)

Well this week saw the conclusion of our club game. The union line was bolstered by the eventual arrival of elements of VI corps. Much to the relief of the Union C-in-C as 2 divisions from V Corps were streaming back to the table edge as they were severely mauled by the Confederates of Rodes' and Johnson's divisions. On the Union right flank II Corps eventually got some energy and began to advance against Hood's division, forcing the confederates back to the last bridge. However just when they thought things were going their way, Hood counterattacked, destroying a couple of brigades from Crawford' division before his advance was checked.

On the left flank, the remains of V Corps and Buford's cavalry, slowly ground down Early's isolated division. In the center things began to get very bloody, with brigades on both sides being knocked out of the line due to heavy casualties. Eventually though the Confederate attack began to run out of steam and the union launch a final counter attack and managed to sneak a draw out of a winning position. So honours even until the next battle of our campaign.

Who'll make the first move?

VI Corps timely arrival

Stuarts troopers prepare to repel union infantry

Hood launches his counterattack

Bitter contest for the hill

Union infantry prepare to repel the confederate advance

The bitter struggle continues

Rodes' and Johnson's division advance

McLaws gets his troops into position

Sunday 9 October 2011

Dystopian wars

Second post in one day. Just finished these. 6 Frigates for the start of my Federal States of America fleet. These are nice resin pieces from Spartan games, very little clean up was necessary. First 2 photos of my test models. Happy with the paint job. Going for a blue and silver look. All painted with vallejo acrylics. These are the first ever Naval figures that I have ever done. Still need to touch up a couple of the models to cover up a couple of mistakes.

Next up a photo of the first 6 completed frigates. I've got the battleship primed and will try and get it painted over the next few nights.


First up a picture of a dwarf pirate I've painted up for my daughter, to be part of her fantasy pirate crew. the figure is an old GW model from the dogs of war regiment Long drong's slayers. I still need to finish off his base when I re stock up on some static grass.

Next up some foundry orcs also to be added to her crew. There is a goblin jester still to be painted as well as an ogre. Makes quite a motley crew. Not the best quality photo what with these overcast days we are having.

To add to her collection of pirates I've made a small purchase from Black Scorpion for a mix of Elves and Skeletons, then she tells me that she wanted the Governors daughter, will have to wait till next month for that one.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Battle of Shelbyville (part 1)

This week at the club saw the opening moves of our latest ACW game. It was an encounter battle that saw both sides becoming embroiled after their respective cavalry divisions clashed the night before. For the Confederates they has all 3 divisions from Ewell's Corps, but only Hood's and McLaws'  from Longstreet's Corps. For the Union they had II, III, V as well as 1 division from VI corps. This gave the union only a slight advantage in numbers, artillery was about even.

The map below illustrates the respective options open to each side from where they could advance onto the table.

For the Confederates, Longstreet entered at point (C) while Ewell came on at (B). For the union, Hancock arrived on turn 1 at point (3), Sickles came on at point (2) and Sykes was due to enter at point (1) on turn 2. He was late and didn't arrive until turn 4. The division from VI corps was due to arrive on turn 3 at point (2), however they only managed to arrive on turn 7 just as the club was finishing for the night.

The confederates under Ewell immediately went onto the offensive, pushing back Buford's cavalry and eventually slamming into the advance elements of V Corps, sweeping aside 2 of their brigades. On the Union right flank, Hancock advanced cautiously towards the confederates of Hood's division, allowing the rebs to conduct an easy fighting withdrawal as the units were need to support Mclaws' attack against III Corps. Next week will see the 2 battle lines really come to grips with each other.

Did manage to take a few photos of the opening moves.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

SAGA dice

Just a quick photo of my home made saga dice, these are for the Welsh. I downloaded the PDF from the SAGA forum and printed them out onto some sticky labels. Then came the laborious task of cutting them out and sticking them onto the blank dice. I'm quite happy with how they turned out. How will they stand up to constant use? I'm not sure. All in it took me about half an hour to complete. Quite a saving on £2.50 for 10 dice against the £12.00 for the originals. I've also got enough stickers to complete a Saxon, Norman and Viking set of dice.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Quick update

Well my Saga rules arrived and first impression, seems like a fun game. Need to give them a try out sometime in the near future. I even order some blank dice off E-Bay so that I can create additional dice for the Anglo-Saxons and probably Normans (I have plenty of these guys painted already).

Then just when I thought I had enough projects on the go and start, along came 2 more. After being to Micks for an ACW game we got talking and I've now committed myself to painting some Franco Prussian War troops, namely the Baden and Westphalians. The other is Dystopian wars. One of the guys at the club brought the rules along for quick game. Judging by the sounds of laughter everyone was enjoying themselves. Now it's become a bit of a project, from just having the starter fleet set for Britannia and Prussia others have now committed themselves to the Antarctic, Japanese and now myself the Americans. So orders made and just awaiting the figures, just got myself a various collection of frigates, cruisers, a battleship and aircraft carrier. It will be enough for a starter fleet and depending on the success I may make a few additional purchases.

Saturday 1 October 2011

For sale

With me concentrating on my 15mm armies, I've reluctantly decided to part with my 28mm units and listed them on E-Bay. I'll be able to use any funds they generate to purchase the necessary figures to finish Union I Corps. So some final pictures of said figures.

The first unit.

Second unit