Tuesday 25 April 2023

Back to the Trojan War

After adding to my RCW collection, it was time to get back to the Trojan War as I still have a fair few figures to paint up. So I decided to paint up another unit of Achaen spearmen. They've sat patiently waiting,  undercoated.

I've prepped two more units of these. They are the last of the heavy infantry for the Achaens. In the meantime I have a couple of units of Trojans to finish off before I can make a start on the Lukka and Myrmidons. Should keep me busy for a while.

I have picked up the Basic Impetus rules. Had a quick flick through and seem quite interesting. Hopefully give them a try out with collection in the coming weeks.

Friday 21 April 2023

Bloody Vostock - part 2

So this week we continued with the game. Thankfully we had the same players so no amendments required on the line up.The Bolsheviks were reinforced with a couple of companies of Naval troops with a supporting HMG. The Whites gained a second artillery piece to support in the defence. The game picked up with the Bolsheviks trying to force their way past the German ex-POWsdefending the farm.Despite their low quality the Germans really hindered the advancing Bolsheviks, beating off a number of assaults before eventually being overun.

Bolsheviks preparing anotherassault

A desperate struggle for the farm

Bolsheviks bring up an armoured car to clear out the defenders

Bolshevik cavalry sweep past the farm, heading for the White infantry

2nd company of the Markov battalion caught in the open, put up a sterling defence

Eventually the Bolsheviks begin to get the upper hand, wiping out the White officers

1st Markov reached the defence just in time

The struggle for the farm continues

The farm eventually falls to the Bolsheviks

The Whites bring up some armour

The Alexeyv Partisan seek shelter in Vostock from marauding Bolshevik cavalry

Bolsheviks prepare the assault on Vostock

Just as the Bolsheviks began to get into position, their cavalry came under heavy fire from the village, destroying one unit and causing heavy casualties on the other. Then the White tank came forward and with its first shot knocked out the armoured car. With the earlier loss of their artillery, The Bolsheviks called off the attack. The tank was king of the battlefield, allowing the Whites to cling on for victory.

A good fun game with 6 players who all seemed to enjoy the simplicity of the rules. I did amend the order system as with so many units we often lost track. Depending on the card suit each overall commander designated which unit to activate. It did help speed things up. One thing I did realise is that the Bolsheviks either need more artillery or armoured cars to compete against the White tank.

Tuesday 18 April 2023

RCW - artillery

To bolster both sides of my RCW forces I've been looking at obtaining more artillery pieces. While Copplestone model is very nice I wanted a little variety. So searching through my memory banks I remembered that Irregular miniatures used to produce a range of artillery in various scales. So a quick search and I found a WW1 Russian gun and crew. Promptly bought for less than £10. I also saw Turkish model and added that to the basket.

The Irregular model and crew are noticeably smaller, probably true 25mm not 28mm. However as it is a stand alone piece that is not much of an issue.

Overall it's not a bad model, the crew aren't the greatest, obviously the Copplestone model is superior. But the price more than makes up for it and I will purchase another model, just need to remove the shoulder boards of the crew for the Bolsheviks. It does actually come with 4 crew, I've however kept 1 back as I have my eye on a 3d printed howitzer and I can use it towards the start of a crew.

Sunday 16 April 2023

Thoughts on future games

Despite being in the middle of a game my thoughts are already turning to future games and what I'll need. One thing that seems very common in the Russian Civil War is the use of armoured trains. I've already done a little research on converting my own or using a ready made one. I have found an Ebay seller who does tracks as well as the train/carriages etc so I made a quick purchase for some track pieces to see what they are like. At least it is a start.

These were quickly done and will at least cover the width of the table for now. In keeping with the rustic theme for my village I picked up a Railway halt from Warbases ACW range. I pretty simple affair that fits in. I will add some boxes, sacks etc to the base once I source some.

As Mitch pointed out during our current game  the Whites had more HMGs than the Bolsheviks. I then remembered I had another one with naval crew so painted them up.

They may get their first action next week as reinforcements.

Friday 14 April 2023

Bloody Vostock - part 1

So the RCW collection got its first meeting between the Whites and Reds. The Whites were on the defensive. They were on orders to hold the village of Vostock and prevent the Reds from crossing the river. The Reds simply wanted to capture Vostock and its vital supplies for the war effort. It is not a blow by blow account as I was umpiring and trying to keep the game flowing with only 2 of the 6 players having any experience of the rules.

The Whites were allowed to deploy within the confines of Vostock. They were also allowed to deploy 1 unit at the farm guarding the bridge. They chose the German POWs for this task and hid them in the farm buildings. The Reds with 3 columns advanced on the bridge. A fourth force of mounted troops and an armoured car were held in reserve.

Whites readying the defence

The Markov horse lead the advance to support the troops at the bridge

The Red host swarming forward

Red infantry looking for a way across the river

Naval troops getting ready to cross the river and advance onto the farm

Red columns becoming bogged down after they came under artillery fire, which it has to be said was proving very effective

Alexeyev Partisans advancing

The Reds commit their reserves as they try and find a way around the bottlekneck of troops

Slow progress is being made by the Reds

The Markov horse caughty both units of naval troops destroyng both. They were eventually seen off by HMG fire from across the river

Red cavalry trying to force their way forward.

Over on the left the Drozdovsky regiment cross the river

Red infantry and cavalry prepare for another assault across the river

Red artillery trying to provide covering fire. It was not as effective as its White counterpart 

Lets get across this bridge

So far the Whites defense has been very effective. The Germans in the farmhouse have proved a nuisance and their artillery has dealt considerable casualties amongst the Red infantry. The Reds meanwhile have become bogged down, after deploying their artillery they wanted to keep its view clear resulting in their infantry moving through the village, perfectly sighted for the White artillery. They do though still have plenty of troops in reserve. Their cavalry are trying to get across the river as they know they could potentially catch some of the White infantry in the open. The game continues next week.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

RCW Whites prepare for their first action

Hopefully tomorrow night, if everything goes to plan, the Whites will fight their first action against the dastardly Reds. They will be heavily outnumbered so I've added a unit of WW1 Germans to help beef up their numbers. They do have the advantage of a tank. I've split them into 2 commands each of 5 units ready for Sean and Neil to command.

I also managed to get down to the club twice and get the table set up for the game to try and save some time on the night.

A view from the South

One of the Objectives - the bridge

View from the North with the extra buildings

After having an issue in trying to set the table up, I couldn't locate the new trees that the club had purchased. Eventually found them yesterday and added them and the extra buildings and fences I had completed. SO with 5 players now I'm relegated to umpiring, but this should help the game keep moving as a couple of players are unfamiliar with the rules. I also added a page for the collection.

Saturday 8 April 2023

RCW - Last of the Whites and plenty of Reds

In preparation for next week's game at the club, I managed to finally complete a second additional HMG team for the Whites. I painted them up to match the Drozdovsky rifle battalion. They are Copplestone figures.

I also made some progress on refurbishing some buildings and fences for the game. I still need to get the buildings finished, but I did complete 6 additional pieces of fencing There are another 7 pieces to get done.

I also took some time out today to start preparing the table in readiness of the game. I've left some space for the extra buildings and fields. I also dug the Bolsheviks out of their storage boxes as I needed to remind myself how many I had and to be abe to split them into 3 commands for the game.

I'll see if I have time to get the HMG for the sailors finished in time for the game. As I thought they outnumber the Whites 2 to 1. I may even give the collection its own page on the blog like I have for others.