Saturday 31 March 2012

Macedonian Companions II

I've managed to complete the last of my Companions, bringing up the total to 12 (or 4 DBA(M) bases). Next up I'll make a start on some Hypaspists after I finish some Franco Prussian War Bavarian Jaegers. Again these figures are all from Lancashire Miniatures. They don't paint up to bad.

Next up all 12 figures arrayed and ready for battle.

Friday 30 March 2012

Macedonian Companions

After the large game at Micks (Greeks vs Persians) I felt a little inspired and started to paint up some additional figures. The first are two bases of Macedonian companions, by Lancashire miniatures I think. They didn't take too long and I've got another 2 bases on the painting table. After that I've got some pike men and Illyrians to get done.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Cutlers Brigade

After importing the posts from my other blog as I hadn't done anything on the ACW front for quite a while, I feel rather embarrassed for this next post. Cutlers Brigade is the 2ND brigade in the 1st division of the Union 1st Corps. Based for fire and fury it comes in at 10 stands. The figures are all from Warrior Miniatures apart from the officer and ensign who are Peter Pig figures. These figures had been staring at me for months part painted and so I finally succumbed and finished them off.

To Finish the Union 2ND Corps I also completed the final artillery battery that I required. Again these figures are from Warrior Miniatures, Not as detailed as Peter Pig, but take paint well. This means I now have 2ND, 3rd and 5Th Corps finished.

Saturday 24 March 2012

A bit of a mix

First up my 1st artillery battery for AWI. This is Lamb's company of the New York artillery. Not sure yet on the gun barrel. Went for the Black look but undecided if I like it.

Next up some 15mm Hellenistic Thracian's from Essex miniatures. I was given these from one of the club members, so I quickly painted them up to add to my Greek forces. The bases have only had sand glued, once dry I'll coat in wood varnish and add the static grass.

Lastly an old barbarian figure from GW, produced sometime in the late eighties I think. He has sat in a bits box part painted for the best part of 20 years and so I did the honourable thing and quickly finished him off. He'll be a useful addition to the clubs ongoing role play games.

Friday 23 March 2012

Woo Hoo!

Yes! finally got my PC up and running again. Once more I can fully take part in blogosphere instead of trying to view blogs on my mobile, made it damn hard to post comments. So hopefully normal service will resume and I'll get some pictures posted.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Greeks vs Persians

As promised some pictures of Sundays game. This saw myself and Neal commanding the Greeks against the Persians of Mike and Dave. The rules we used were an adaption of DBA to fit hexes and allow greater number of figures to be used. They played ok and we got a historical result.

The game began with the persians advancing across their entire front, with the right wing cavalry trying to get at the exposed flank of the greeks. I countered this with an eschelon formation supported by the small cavalry contingent in support. First blood went to the persians as their left wing cavalry over ran our right wing psilio and auxilia. We weren't to worried as we new the battle would be decided in the centre. So it prooved as our pike and spear smashed a hole in the persian centre and it could have been worse had Darius not proved such a stubborn general.

The game settled down with our heavy infantry slowly wearing down the persians. Disaster the struck both sides, first my general leading his pike phalanx was slain by Darius, the the persian right wing cavalry fled after being engaged in a brutal contest with our hoplites. Eventually Neal secured victory when finally slew Darius to break the persian resistance. All in all a very enjoyable game with great opponents.

Yet more photos

These additional photos are the courtesy of Mike who turned up later on the Saturday and took some photos of the game. As you can tell much better quality than the ones I take, he does have a fangled camera though. I've got more photos of the Sunday game which was Greeks against Persians and will post them in the next couple of days.

El Cid vs Ben Yusuf

Clash of infantry lines

Andalusian Nobles break the Christian mercenaries

El Cid with his knights breaks the Black Guard

Sunday 11 March 2012

more photos

Second post today, some mre photos of Saturdays game

El cid game

Just got back and decided to post some of the photos I took of the game. An enjoyable game it was. With the valley divided in two, we split our forces with jinetes and light troops leading the way. We managed to catch the almoravids flat footed, reaching the plain and routing their horse. As our infantry managed to spill onto the plain they suffered heavy casualties to massed bow fire. The boys did us proud eventually closing with the enemy and breaking their resistance. We didnt have it all our own way, nearly loosing the supplies on a couple of occasions. Our knights proved devastating in attack, but despite all that armour didnt help as archers seemed to pick them of at will. The battle ended with el cid killing ben yusuf in one on one combat.

Friday 9 March 2012

last minute additions

With being at Micks this weekend I put a little effort in today and painted up anothrr small unit from figures I still had to do. If I had been a bit more motivated, there were another 2 units of skirmishers that could have been added.

Mick sent through the scenario and I am little worried. I have to march to the relief of Cordoba, under seige by those dastardly almoravids. I have fight lengthways down an 18ft table with goodness knows what attacking my flanks and preventing me reaching the plains. Did I mention it was a narrow valley! This should be fun.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

weekend gaming

This weekend I've got two big games on at Micks. The Saturday is an el-cid game using WAB against his newly painted almoravid force (hope it goes the way of all newly painted figures). This is set at approx 6000 points a side, think I can only manage about 5500, but what the hell, it's just a game.

The Sunday it will be Greeks facing off against Persians ,using Mick's adapted rules for hexes. These have been changed since I last played them, so looking forward to see how they go. It even inspired me to paint up 5 extra stands of hoplites.

Friday 2 March 2012

2nd New York + officers

Managed to finish these last night. First up is 2 mounted brigadiers followed by the 2nd New York. Itook their uniform from an old Blandford I had lying around. Apologies for the photo quality, had to use the flash. Next up I'll be starting on the three artillery batteries aswell as some more Greek hoplites that Harry gave me, enough for five bases.