Saturday 31 July 2010


Last night I managed to finish off organising my army for the Big Blenheim game in 2 weeks time. Also placed them on the map and designated the set up areas for Andrew and Jan. Orders are written, just have to hope it all pays off on the day.

On the Viking front, hit a bit of a wall, struggling with the last 8 figures and 3 vignettes. Going down to the club today to start work on the boards, give them all a coat of PVA to protect against warping when all the pollystyrene is added.

Saturday 24 July 2010


In a couple of weeks I'm heading up to Micks for a weekend re fight of the Battle of Blenheim. I'm really looking forward to this. I have been given the dubious of honour as the Allied C-in-C for the weekend. Got quite a bit to live up to, though outnumbered in infantry and artillery we have an advantage in horse. I'm sure the French players will not make some of the mistakes that their namesakes made on the day of the real battle.

I now have the responsibility of organising the army, its deployment and set the orders for my 2 subordinate commanders. Unfortunately I have only been partners with Alex for one battle and never with Jan. I'm going to have to ensure the orders are detailed enough for them. Again a challenge because as they say no plan survives contact with the enemy. I myself often play 'off the cuff' looking to exploit openings as they unfold during the game.

My regular gaming partner, Jon, has command of the French with Harry, who both should know each others games quite well. Will it give them an advantage? possibly! We shall see.

Tuesday 20 July 2010


Just received a box of the Wargames factory plastic Germanic warriors. Not bad figures. The intention is to combine these qwith some of the spare heads and weapons from the gripping Beast plastic viking sprues to put together a couple of berserkers (using the bare chested bodies) and some bondi (mix of a couple of bow and javelin armed figures). Will post some pictures when I get all the figures put together. These should round off the viking force to 60 figures.

Friday 9 July 2010

Progress report

A couple of photos of one of the vignettes. It still needs basing which will get done with the rest of the figures. I'm quite happy with how the model has turned out.

Some extra shots of the viking raiders. First some of the old vikings from the original Citadel fighter series (had these for about 20 - 25 years but still nice figures)

Next photo is of some of the plastic Gb Vikings. very impressed with these figures.

Lastly the start of the Saxon defenders. The local Thegn and some of the Fyrd. Notice GB are to bring out some plastic Thegns this summer, shame it will be to late for the show (still get some anyway).

Animal Husbandry

A couple of photos (apologies for picture quality) of some Gripping Beast livestock. First up 10 pigs for the pens. The 5 lighter ones are the remodelled versions.

Next up some of the highland cattle, again some old castings. I've got a pack of the newer remodelled versions to paint up. The cattle will be scattered to the north of the village as most sources I have come across show cattle keep in unfenced pastures.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Progress report

Well most of the painting has been completed, after my holiday will need to start sculpting the terrain boards.

Figures Painted so far
51 Viking warriors
10 Saxon warriors
2 shepherds
2 monks / priests
7 women
4 cows
10 pigs
1 Vignette

I also have the tower, church, 3 houses and the 2 pig pens completed.
Still to do
9 vikings
8 Saxon Warriors
4 cows
6 sheep
1 Viking long ship
3 Vignettes

That means I must be more than 75% completed, not bad going. Also no more purchases are required on the figure front. Just need to get in the supplies for the terrain boards so well on course to be ready for Border Reiver.

Saturday 3 July 2010

Viking Killers

Picked up the viking killer set from Gripping Beast, I've stuck them on some GW bases ready for undercoating. Should proove very useful for the game.

These got me inspired and so i decided to create my opwn using a plastic GB viking and a couple of casualty figures from Foundry. Quite pleased with the results though the pictures aren't the best. Can't wait to get them all painted.