Wednesday 30 August 2017

Rogue Stars campaign

In preparation for the campaign that I am running I needed to add a couple more scenery pieces to fill up the playing area. First up I wanted a landing pad as this fitted the scenario I had I'm mind for the first game. I did look around various sites for something suitable and came across this site it has loads of useful stuff if you don't mind printing in card. I downloaded the landing pad and after about 30 minutes work this is how it turned out. I did add some supports for extra strength.

Landing pad
I also picked up a card u-wing of suitable scale from a bookshop for the princely sum of £2. This will suffice as a shuttle for one of the crews.

U-wing and crew to scale
I then ran a quick solo game to refresh myself with the rules.

Now just need to get back to painting my GNW Poles.

Monday 28 August 2017

GNW Poles X

Just managed to get these guys completed. They are my 5th hussar regiment. The figures are all from Donnington miniatures. Of all the figures I've obtained from Donnington for this army the Hussars are much superior to the dragoons and Pancerni which I feel have the riders too large.

I also used up the last of my command figures to put together a sub commanders base. You can see the difference in quality between the hussar and the officer.

Next up I have my last unit of Hussars ready for undercoat in as well as 3 more infantry regiments.

Saturday 26 August 2017

GNW Poles IX

After a little diversion into the realms of sci-fi, it's back to the GNW project. I've added another 3 squadrons on Pancerni. The figures are all from Essex miniatures.

With Mick also being in touch about another re-fight of the Battle of Klissow  in October and the need to include the Polish troops, these represent a timeous boost to their numbers. I've 2 more regiments of Hussars to complete and then just need for my order from Legio Herico to arrive to further flesh out the troops.

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Rogue Stars - scenery

After playing a couple of games of Rogue Stars at the club to get familiar with the rules, I have committed myself to running a campaign. There will be between 3 to 4 players willing to take part.

The beauty of this game is small number of figures and a playing area 2x2. For previous games I've used some old Space Hulk tiles, which while very useful limits the game to fighting in corridors. I wanted something more versatile. First off a trip into the attic to dig out and old board that was originally started go Rogue Trader games. A quick dry brush and it's ready to go.

For scenery I've used a mix of old Necromunda bulkheads, Hexon platform, old WW2 battlefield clutter and other odds and ends. So far enough to cover a 2x2 board.

I've also taken a few photos from a practice game to give an idea of scale. Still got a couple of bits to add before looking at some suitable sci-fi buildings.

It's made a nice change from painting historical figured.

Wednesday 16 August 2017


In a slight change from painting cavalry, I decided to paint up a couple of extra infantry detachments. These guys will probably not see much action, but at least I have them for campaign games. The figures are all from Essex miniatures.

These were a nice distraction and bring my infantry up to 6 detachments. I do have another 3 that are awaiting painting. With these and the last units completed I required an extra storage box so took the opportunity for a photo shoot. Quite pleased with how the army is looking.

So far I have 57 squadrons painted. I do have another 6 squadrons of Hussars, 9 squadrons of Pancerni and 6 squadrons of dragoons to complete. There are also a couple of sub commanders and an extra Brigadier in the lead pile. The only thing missing is some artillery.

Saturday 12 August 2017


When I was organising my Polish troops I realised that the old Mikes Models and Essex figures are not quite compatible in the same units. Part of my orders were to rectify this. I included a single pack of the Mike Models Pancerni to replace the Essex figures. These were then used to complete a separate unit.

The new figures are those without the bared horses. I tried to paint them to match the originals that I painted over 20 years ago.

I also completed another regiment of Pancerni, this time using Donnington figures. They are not my favourite, but at least add variety.

This brings me up to 9 regiments of Pancerni. I do have enough figures from Essex for another regiment. I am awaiting an order from Legion Herico for 2 further regiments and some Dragoons. I may try and mix these with the Essex figures.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

GNW Poles VI

With some left over command figures I put together an army general base and an additional Brigadier.  The figures are all from Essex miniatures. The flag was downloaded from the Internet.

Now  I just have to wait patiently for my various orders to arrive so I can expand the army.