Monday, 22 April 2019

WSS/GNW Danish Army

I finally completed the last few command figures I required. Brought about by the additional cavalry I've added this year.

So that's an additional Line Commander and two brigadiers. The figures are a mix of Rounway and Dixons.

So time to get the army out for a full review.

That brings the army to 10 Horse regiments, 3 Dragoon regiments, 25 battalions of infantry and 3 batteries of medium guns. I've used a mix of manufactures, Dixon, Essex, Warrior, Roundway, Bluemoon and Minifigs.

Friday, 19 April 2019

WSS French II

Here is the second Irish battalion in French service to add to the army. This time the Dillon regiment. Once again black cuffs but at least the tricorn has a different lace colour. The figures are all Dixon except one of the officers from Warrior. The flag is from Maverick Models and is just the Colonels colours.

Now the dilemma is to either start on 2 regiments of French horse or paint up 2 battalions of German infantry from the Alsace regiment. Might just wait over the Easter holiday and then decide.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

WSS French

After painting up the Fitzjames Cavalry regiment it got me thinking about extending my Franco Bavarian army. They are currently the smallest contingent  I have when ideally they should be the largest.

I've come up with a rough idea for this expansion. For the Bavarians I want to add at least 2 more Bavarian battalions to complete a brigade and then add 6 more squadrons of cuirassiers to make 2 cavalry brigades. Luckily I already have the figures for these.

For the French I want to add at least another 15 squadrons of horse and possibly another 2 regiments of dragoons. For the infantry i need to concentrate on some of the foreign regiments and possibly some guards. Enough to keep me busy this year.

So first additions are an Irish battalion, Berwick. Love the black cuffs. The figures are all Dixon with the exception of 1 officer from Warrior.

The flag for these is from Maverick Models. I now have the Dillon regiment on the painting table nearing completion.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Modern figures

After playing a number of modern skirmish games at the club i decided to make a small contribution. Last post was about adobe buildings I constructed. This time it was figures. First up is enough figures for 2 fire teams of Bundeswehr. The figures are all from Empress miniatures. Lovely figures though not keen on the separate heads. I've also got a heavy machine gun to add as a support weapon.

I've painted them up in a desert cammo. Happy with how they've turned out. They've even managed to see a couple of actions and been quite successful.

Next up is some insurgents. I picked up a couple of packs from Empress miniatures. I like these figures as they don't have the issue of separate heads.

Hopefully they will see action at the club this week. I can bulk them out with another 8 Arab fighters from Mongoose.