Saturday 25 September 2021

Tricorns get a run out

It's been quite a while since any of my WSS collection got a run out. Happily I managed to get a game in at the club with Sean. I kept things simple with both forces identical. As Sean hadn't played the rules before we played it as a training game.

The game was between My Danes and a Franco-Bavarian force. The Danes slowly gained the ascendancy in the large cavalry melee on their left flank. This allowed their infantry to drive through the French centre, only checked by the timely arrival of a couple of fresh Irish infantry battalions.

Eventually the pressure began to tell with the Franco-Bavarians ceding the field. An enjoyable game and good to get a part of the collection on the games table. 

Thursday 16 September 2021

7DTTRR - Soviets

I made another few additions to my Soviets to round out the force. First up was an extra T-62 to give me 2 squadrons of 3 tanks and a BTR 60 command vehicle.

I then added a 2S1 Gvozdika Self propelled gun. There aren't any stats in the game for it, but just liked the model.

And lastly I couldn't resist a couple of T-72s, especially after looking at the stats for the Chieftans. My humble T-55s and T-62s would be in trouble.

Here is the whole force so far. Should be more than enough for my first game against Mitch and his Brits.

I still have a Hind to build, but after I will need to add a 3rd infantry platoon and possible a couple more tanks.

Sunday 12 September 2021

A bit of re-basing

As my 28mm Austrian collection for Sharp Practice very rarely gets used, I decided to rebase and eventually expand the figures for use in either Black Powder or General d'Armee. They were originally painted up to represent the 15th regiment or d'Alton. 

I decided to go for 40 figure battalions, so another 20 figures were quickly painted up to complete the second battalion. Unlike the already completed figures which were Victrix, these are from Perry as they were passed on by another club member. The uniform is a slightly different cut, no doubt the purists will be aghast, but they are fine for me.

I am awaiting an order from flags of war to add the standard to the second battalion. Once these were done I completed a couple of Brigadiers, some Jaegers and a 6lb gun. These are a mix of Perry and Frontrank miniatures. The Jaegars still need some of their paintwork touched up.

I do still have 12 line skirmshers to rebase. Looking at the unpainted pile, I have enough figures for a Grenadier battalion. There are also some more of the Perry figures, but not quite enough for a 3rd battalion, so ordered another box to put that right and give me a 4th battalion.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Stargrave - The botched deal

So Club night saw a quick game of Stargrave. 3 crews fighting it out Pliskin IV. An outback world. All I remember it was fun. We all  seemed to have a knack from the first turn of generating lots of Pirates, ruffians, Bounty hunters and beasties.

I did manage to salvage some loot, but spent most of the game in a shootout with the bad guys. Andy seemed to get stuck in his deployment zone and Thom seemed to attract every Pirate on the table.

At least this time, no casualties to my crew. Think Thom lost 2 crew and Andy was severely bloodied but intact.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

SCW Buildings

After the last rules play test, I realised I could do with a few more buildings if I wanted to represent towns or say the outskirts of Madrid. So I decided to pick up a couple of the modular mdf buildings from Warbases. So far 2 more buildings done with 1 more to start on.

The first building was just a simple 2 storey tower added to a spare adobe building I had left over. I did the usual, covering the mdf in some watered down pollyfilla. This time I went for a white colour scheme instead of cream.

The second model is a 2 storey building. I even added a balcony, which Warbases sell as part of the range along with low and high walls. For this building I have added a small garden, just waiting for a order of some suitable tufts to arrive.

Both models are very rough and ready, but they will see plenty of use in club games. This brings me up to 7 buildings with 1 more to do. I can definitely see me getting a few more of these in the future.