Thursday 23 May 2019

T55 Battle tank

After painting up the last lot of vehicles an idea formed around a tank. But which one, in 28mm they can be quite pricey. It was then that a club member John mention that the James Bond range of vehicles in 1/50th scale and it included a tank in the range. So a quick scan on a well known auction site and I picked up the T55 tank for a princely sum of £8.50.

Now as our games tend to be set in Africa and the Middle east, the green paint job did not seem appropriate.

Original model
So I decided on a quick black undercoat and layered up with a U.S. drab brown and desert  sand. I'm more than happy with the result.

I'm now think my Germans may need a Puma or two to balance the games out.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Modern Support vehicles

As the club have embraced some modern skirmishing of late, l thought it was time to add a few support vehicles to my Insurgents/Arabs. Now most vehicles in 28mm can be quite pricey, but a search on the web brought up Gruby Tanks sold by Britannia miniatures. So a couple of resin vehicles were bought.

The first is an American Humvee. I gave the gunner a quick head swap with a plastic Arab from Gripping beast. Quite happy with it.

The next vehicle is a simple pick up truck from the Somali range. The 2 gun crew are still being painted.

The last vehicle is a small truck from Anyscale models. Perfect for carrying supplies etc.

I've already got a few scenarios in mind, from ambushes, escort duties and convoys etc. Now need to try and get the painting mojo back.

Monday 6 May 2019

Dragon Rampant re-basing

With a large game of Dragon Rampant due at the club on Thursday. 4 players 100points a side. Orcs and Goblins against the Men of the West. Now I've recently completed my Mordor host, but not to 100 points. I needed more orcs. This was an issue as my painting mojo seems to have deserted me. Then I remembered I had some old plastic GW figures that were painted may years ago. So I dug them out to see what I had.

Now these guys would need re basing to match in with the newer figures. So to work I went over the weekend and here they are. 3 units of Moria Goblins, some Uruks, Bezerkers, The Goblin king and Saruman.

So with the addition of 4 Cave Trolls, 1 to add to Sarumans unit and that should give me enough for 100 points.

Now I can begin to put together the army for Thursday might from the available troops.

The Witch King - elite foot
Nazgul - elite foot
Fell beast - greater warbeast
Dragon - greater warbeast
Wolves - lesser warbeast
2x Uruks - Heavy foot
4x Orcs - belicose foot
Orc archers - light missile
Goblin archers - light missile
Goblin archers - scouts
2x Goblins - light foot
2x Trolls - heavy foot
Warg riders - heavy riders

Looking forward to the game already.