Monday 19 September 2022

WW1 Turks - progress

As a lot of my efforts lately have ben around preparing for the clubs Blood Bowl league, see here orcidas Blood Bowl I feel I have been neglecting the historical side of the hobby. So in the meantime I have been trying to get another batch of Turks completed. So here they are, 20 more infantry from Copplestone Castings. I still need to get the bases completed, which should be done over the next couple of days.

Next month I will try to pick up some more, though I may try and get a few from Gripping Beast to add a little variety in pose and headgear. They also have artillery and Arabs in Ottoman service, which is always handy.

I now find myself in the unusual position of having nothing to paint for all of my current projects. I may have to dip into the 15mm WSS and FPW to see if I have anything I can paint up.

Update - managed to complete the bases today, bringing me up to 3 full squads to support the Asia Korps.

Friday 2 September 2022

German Asia Korps HMG Teams

A couple of small additions to my German Asia Korps. These are 2 HMG teams I picked up from HLBSC. Both teams are in their Colonial uniforms which helps with the slightly irregular look that I am going for,

I think I may pick up a few extra infantry for a second squad. I also have acouple of additional squads of Turkish infantry on order from Northstar to round out this mixed force.