Monday 30 May 2016

Fredericksburg update II

Just a quick post on the progress made so far. With getting the figures earlier than I expected I have managed to complete all of the infantry I need for the confederates as well as 2 pieces of artillery. They all still require basing, that should e done over the next couple of days.

Rebs awaiting basing
Next up I need to prep the 8 bases of figures for the union troops and then I have all of the minimum troops I will require. I have even put in another order with Warrior for some extra command stands and artillery. I'll paint the command stands for the above infantry if I have time. Just so the bases match even though I already have spare stands, The artillery though would be nice to get done as I need a further 8 pieces to represent the Corps artillery for the Rebs. Should keep me bust for the next 2 weeks

Sunday 29 May 2016

Fredericksburg update

Those nice chaps at Warrior miniatures really excelled themselves this time. As per my last post I put in an order on Saturday. The figures arrived on Tuesday. Cannot beat that for service.

Order arrives
With the figures now here I've already made a start. Both confederate brigades have been prepped, one of which I've already painted and just need basing. Now got to keep going on the others.

Sunday 22 May 2016

Battle of Fredericksburg

I have the good fortune of being invited up to Micks for a re fight of the Battle of Fredericksburg. It was fought December 11 - 15 1862 between Lee's Army of Virginia and the union forces of the Army of the Potomac under Burnside. However Mick has asked a couple of us to supply some of the troops as this is a rather larger battle. I have been asked to provide rebels for Jackson II corps and union troops for Reynolds I Corps and Smiths VI Corps. So it was on to sorting through my collection to see what I had. The brigades for this battle are much larger than those for Gettysburg, but I didn't think that would be a problem. Imagine my shock when I realised I am short of figures. I need figures for 2 rebel brigades or 19 stands and 1 union brigade of 9 stands. I need to make an order and quick as I have limited time to paint them up. My figures of choice would normally be Peter Pig, however for delivery time you cannot beat warrior miniatures, so order made, confirmation received they will be dispatched by Tuesday. Hopefully the figures should arrive by the weekend which gives me 2 weeks to get them done....sorted I think