Monday 29 June 2020

Caesarian Roman Levy legionaries

With receiving the PDF version of Infamy, Infamy today; I needed to push on and get my Caesarian Romans up to fighting strength. So here they are, a second group of unarmoured/levy legionaries.  Like the first group these are from 1st Corps. I deliberatly kept the shields plain white and different from the first group.

And now side by side with the first group. I may expand these in the future to a second Caesarian force to fight Caesar vs Pompey.

In addition to these I have some Balearic slingers which just need there bases finished. There will also be a unit of Spanish Caetrati and some Gallic cavalry. I have ordered an extra sprue to put together a second unit of Caetrati.

Friday 26 June 2020

Gallic Warband

I finally got around to finishing the bases on a second Gallic Warband. These are the plastic figures from Warlord. Very dynamic poses but the shield transfers were a pain, they don't seem to fit well over the shield boss.

I do have enough figures for 2 units of Gallic Cavalry, 1 of Nobles and the other lights. At the moment the intention is for the Gauls to be allies/mercenaries for my Carthaginians and Caesarian Romans. I'm doing my best to resist expanding them into either A Gaul or British army. But who doesn't want to field chariots!

Monday 22 June 2020


After watching the latest YouTube videos from the Lardies showcasing Infamy, Infamy, I realised I would need at least a couple of fields. I had a dig around in my spares box and procured a few pieces of door mat offcuts and a piece of MF for bases.

It was a simple matter to cut the MDF into roughly 6 inch squares.  There was no need to be exact as I cannot imagine the Ancient German farmer to be. I quickly shaped the off cuts of the door mat and stuck to the bases and added sand to the bare areas. The sand was sealed with Woodstain and then drybrushed with ivory. A bit of flock and happy with the results for a few hours work.

I'm pretty happy with the results and it gives a few more options for the table. 

Sunday 21 June 2020

Caesarian Romans

With my German force completed it was time to crack on and get my Romans finished. First up was a 4th group of Legionaries.  Again these are the Warlord plastics. Very servicable figures

Ive also added an Optio to support the Centurian and a Standard. The head for tbe Optio was taken from a Victrix Carthaginian veteran I had spare.

So this brings me up to 4 units of armoured legionaries. I now need to expand their support options. I do have some Numidian cavalry,  but quite fancy adding the Spanish to get a hold of some Caetrati. 

But in the meantime the 1st of two units of unarmoured legionaries. These can either be Italians or recruits. The figures are from 1st Corps. Slightly smaller than the Warlord figures, but will be fine in their own units. 

I even had a go at painting a design on the shields. I deliberately kept it basic.

Now the whole force together so far.

Just need to get the last of the Italians done. I do have enough figures for 2 more groups of legionaries if I fancy any Civil War actions, Caesar vs Pompey.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Germanic tribes ambush points and more

To round off my Germanic tribes for Infamy, infamy, I put together a few more ambush points. They are made up of the last few figures I had left. I also added a musician and standard, not sure I need these and if not I'll make them into another ambush point.

I also put together a deployment point for my Romans. I used a model from a museum gift shop to use as a roadside shrine. I'm quite happy with the result.

I've also put my mind to creating a German village for my army to defend. The first model was a bit of a test. Using card, coffee stirrers and some scouring pads I set to work.

I think the top piece could have done with being a bit longer and cut more irregular. You can see the changes on the second model, which I think is much better.

Wben I get some more card I aim to make a slightly larger building with a side entrance to be the focal point of the village.

As the army is complete as in enough for a starter force it was time to get them all on show.

Not bad for a few weeks work. Now to get the Romans finished as I've already pre ordered the rules.

Sunday 14 June 2020

For the Glory of Rome

With the Germans just about finished, I needed to make some progress on my Romans. These are the 3rd group of Legionaries and a Centurion to lead them. They are all Warlord plastics.

I've now got a 4th group with an Optio on the painting table.  Then I can start on a couple of groups of unarmoured legionaries and some Numidian cavalry. I've also made an attempt at a basic German house, following the instructions on one of the TFLs videos. Hopefully get it finished tomorrow.

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Last of the Germans

My final batch of German Warriors for Infamy Infamy. These are mainly metal Warlord figures with a couple of plastic Victrix figures to make up the numbers. They match together quite well.

The Warlord figures are very similar in style to the old Foundry range. While I was packing them away I did a size comparison of the figures used.

Foundry, Warlord, Crusader, Wargames factory and Victrix
I feel all of the ranges are compatible and would be happy to field them in mixed units, even the Wargames factory figures (Which my daughter dubbed Roblox).

I just need to complete the last of the Ambush points and I have a decent starter force for the release of the rules.

Sunday 7 June 2020

Infamy, Infamy Germans and Romans

Well progress has continued on the Germans as they near completion as a viable force. I completed another group of warriors to bring me up to 5. These are a mix of Crusader and Victrix. They mix in quite well. I also had a spare armoured figure which I've based up to be another leader (not sure how many I'll need).

So what next for these? I've got another group of warriors, these are Warlord metal and Victrix plastic. There are also a couple more ambush points to complete. In the future I may try and convert some Roman auxiliaries as feoderati for the Batavian revolt.

So the whole force together so far on some sabot bases from Sabot3d.

So to fight the Germans I decided on some Caesarian Romans. This allows lots of variation with Spanish, Numidians  Gauls etc which can also be used with the Carthaginians.

The first 2 groups of legionaries are from Warlord games. Very nice sculpts. I went for plain red shields. I want my Romans to be pragmatic.

I've got another group to complete, then 2 more of unarmoured legionaries from 1st Corps.