Saturday 28 April 2012

FPW Wurtemburg Commanders

With some spare figures I had lying around I have put together 2 more command bases. I will not need them playing F&F, but they will get used if I am trying out Black Powder or similar rules. Again the figures are all from Outpost. The flag is from the Warflag site and the MDF bases are by Warbase.

Space Marine Captain

A space marine captain that I have rescued for my Nephew. I think he is from the Ultra marines but he wanted him painted to match his Black Templar's. The cross bar for the flag pole was missing and I couldn't find anything alternative so I add a flag. Came out okay and will look good amongst the rest of his force. Sorry the picture came out a bit shiny, think the white background of the flag caused some reflection.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

FPW Bavarian Infantry

This is the second brigade done for my Bavarian Division. This brigade is only at 6 stands. The figures again are from Outpost and the flag is taken from the Warflag site (very useful for flags). I just need to complete 2 more infantry regiments of 10 and 6 stands and 2 small units of Jaegers and the Division will be complete.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Page Added

I've just added a new page to collate my Franco Prussian War project. So far I have added the Wurtemburg Division, which is now finished. Below is the progress made so far on my Bavarians.

Friday 20 April 2012

Wurtemburg artillery

Feels like ages since the last post, but it isn't. I haven't gotten much done this week due to family commitments. I did though manage to complete the artillery for my Wurtemburg Division, hence the division is now complete. As mentioned in an early post the crew have been put together from Prussian artillerists with headswaps and a few spare Wurtemburg infantry I had left over.  I have though a couple of spare commanders which I will paint up as this will allow me to use the division for other rule sets such as Black Powder.

Next up I have ordered some more Bavarians from Outpost, enough to allow me to finish the 1st Division of the 1st Bavarian Corps, not sure if I will do the 2nd division next or start on a French corps.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Bavarian Cheveaux-Leger

Next up for my Franco Prussian War forces is 2 stands of Cheveaux Leger for my Bavarian Division. These figures are from Outpost. I didn't bother with the command, simply because they come in packs of 3 while the troopers are in packs of 4 and I only wanted 4.

For those that read some of my earlier posts on the Wurtemburgers here, you will remember the gaff I made when ordering my artillery crew and ended up with Bavarians instead. This time I got some Prussian crew and with the help of a scalpel, a few head swaps later and Wurtemburger artillery crew I have. The uniforms are not an exact match but can be covered when painting them up. I could have got the crew from Friekorps but was reluctant just to order 1 pack and pay the postage.

Saturday 14 April 2012

More Greeks

The next instalment of my Hellenistic Greek force are now completed. First up 2 more bases of Thureophori. this time I went with a more uniform look on the clothing and gave them red shields. Once again these figures are from Essex miniatures.

Next are 2 bases of Greek heavy cavalry, again from Essex miniatures. I went for a very uniformed look for these, not sure if it is historically accurate, but so. The white shields help them blend in with the rest of the army. Now with the available Psiloi and hoplites I already have painted I can put together any of the Hellenistic variant Greek DBA armies.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Bavarian Leib Regiment

Finally finished my first full unit of Bavarian Infantry. These have been painted up to represent the Leib Regiment at bases strong. The Figures are all from Outpost and the flag was taken from the Warflag site. I've got enough figures left to put together a 6 stand unit, but first I need to finish the 2 bases of Cheveaux-Leger (A chance to paint green instead of blue).

Sunday 8 April 2012


Next up for my Hellenistic Greeks is 4 bases of Thureophorio. These figures again are all from Essex Miniatures. I've stuck with the white shields, though did add a little bronze, as they blend in well with the Pike and I quite like the effect.

Next up is a further 2 bases of Thurophorio and and 2 bases of cavalry. I've also got 30 Franco Prussian War Bavarians on the go. For my nephew he had a left over box of figures for imperial Roman legionaries, after going through them I can put together 17 bases. Just need to add a couple of command stands, auxiliaries and cavalry to finish off a nice rounded force for him.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Hellenistic Greeks

Finally finished my Pike stands to add to my small but growing Hellenistic Greek DBA(M) army. I've left the shields white at the moment as I cannot decide what shield design if any, to use. The figures are all from Essex Miniatures.

I've got six bases of Thureophorio and 2 bases of Cavalry to add to these pike. Along with some light horse and slingers already painted this will give me a viable DBA force.

Friday 6 April 2012


Last night at the club I put together a quick game of VBCW. It has been a while since we played this at the club. The rules were just improvised as we went, adding much fun to the game with troopers dropping grenades among their own men. The game was based upon the Anglican League - 1st Newcastle Militia, entering the village to pick up an informer from the Red lion Inn, however unbeknown to them, The Wansbeck Association of the BUF had prepared an ambush.

As the Anglican League transports made their way down the main street they came under small arms fire, losing one man from a truck, but 2 men from the Bishops own car. Quickly disembarking from one of the trucks they returned fire, while the rest made their way across the bridge towards the inn. At this point they came under yet more fire as a Vickers machine gun opened up. As the ongoing shootout continued casualties began to mount on both sides. Eventually the Anglican League located their informer and made good their escape.

Forces involved

Anglican League command section - 5 men with rifles mounted in a van.
2 x 10 men rifle sections with 1 LMG mounted in trucks

BF Command section - 5 men with rifles and a staff car
2 x 9 men rifle sections with 1 LMG
1 Vickers HMG support team.

Monday 2 April 2012

Bavarians And Greeks

A bit of a mixed bag this post. The latest figures I have finished are the 2nd Jaeger battalion for my Bavarian Division 1st brigade; and some Greek light horse to add to my ancients collection.

These figures are all by Outpost Wargames. The bases are MDF from Warbase. Next up are the Greek Light horse. These figures are all from Essex Miniatures. The horses suffer from that common trait of Essex miniatures in that the bases are very small and delicate.