Sunday 28 February 2021

Men of Angmar

Finally managed to get the bases done on the last group of figures. I've also added a unit of cavalry. These are refurbished figures that were in need of some TLC. I touched up the paintwork and added the black shields to bring them in line with the rest of the force. They are a mix of manufacturers,  foundry, citadel and gripping beast.

I also completed 6 further infantry figures. 4 of which are the GB plastics with a few head and shield swaps. The others, 1 is an old foundry Arthurian figure, based as a leader. The second is a very old citadel Easterling figure.

With the figures done so far I can probably eke out a basic army for Dragon Rampant.  On the painting table I have another 10 warriors half done and a couple of wardogs. I have also ordered a Carn Wraith from Reaper miniatures to act as the Witchking himself. So a few photos of the force so far. 

Sunday 21 February 2021

New Middle Earth Project

After much pondering on the different wars as detailed in the books outside of The Lord of the Rings. I decided on putting together some armies to fight the battles that brought about the fall of Arnor in the early part of the Third Age. Namely the war with Angmar. Luckily I already have plenty of Orcs, wolves and Trolls but I am lacking suitable figures to represent the Northmen of Angmar who fought in the Witchkings army.

I've decided to go for some suitably dark age figures. First up some plastic Anglo Saxon Thegns and a few unarmored types. I added to these some leftover Dark age figures sitting in the lead pile. To differentiate the figures from typical Saxons, I've used various heads and shields from Romans, Celts, Germanics and Spanish. Helps give the army an unique look.

So here they are, the first 34 models, still need their bases completed. Pretty happy with how they have turned out.

I've deliberately gone for a very dark colour scheme with the clothing, keeping to browns and dark grey. The shields are done with a simple black and dark grey to add to the view that these are the bad guys.

I've got another 30 or some infantry figures to complete and have even repurposed some old Dark age cavalry to give me a first mounted unit. In the future I'll need to add some hillmen to represent Rhuduar.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets - supports

Finally completed 2 more support options for my Soviets, leaving just 4 spare infantry figures to complete. First up is the second artillery piece from the Plastic Soldier Company boxed set. This time I went for the 45mm AT gun with the longer barrel.

The other support option I completed was another tank. This time a T34/85 from Warlord games. Once again I went for a winter camo effect. This time I drybrushed a darker green, which I feel looks better. This brings me up to 3 armour options.

I think this pretty much completes this force for Chain of command. I may in the future add a few extra support options.