Thursday 31 March 2022

Terrain and more Bolsheviks

Last post for the month. Really enjoyed my time off work as it has allowed me to get plenty of painting done. So for a bit of a change I completed some more scenery for the battlefields. First up was 2 more small crop fields and then 2 extra areas of rough ground.

Both are simple affairs. The fields are just areas of artificial grass added to some MDF bases. The rough ground is a mix of stones from the garden and offcuts of coir mat.

After these were done I went to work completeing the last of my Bolshevik infantry. Another 20 figures added.

Once again I went fot a mix of colours on the greatcoats, helps with the irregular look I'm after. I now have to wait for an order with Northstar for some sailors and a field gun. In the meantime I have some cavalry and Afghans to do.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

More British cavalry

Just when I thought the British were done I unearthed a few more figures. First up were 8 more cavalry from Renegade miniatures. Unfortunately I had started many years ago as a possible conversion with head swaps. So 4 new heads later were added. A quick repaint and they are done.

The observant will notice only 7 figures. The horses from Renegade have rather week joints around the hooves and 1 figure snapped. So that one is busy being pinned and will be added later.

I also located 2 more infantry, 1 of which has a lewis gun for a bit more fire power. I have since found another 8, but not sure when or if i'll get around to them.

So here is the whole force so far. Probably about 90% done as I would like to add a couple of armoured cars and vehicles.

Now I better get back to the Russians.

Sunday 27 March 2022

RCW - More Bolsheviks

Another quick update on my progress. A few more command figures to lead my units.

Next up was 3 more Lewis guns, can never have enough machine guns I feel.

Lastly was another unit of infantry. They are designated as Elite Bolshevik infantry. Not sure if I will use them as such, probably just mix in with the others.

So that's another 16 figures added to the collection. I've got another 20 infantry and cavalry on the painting table after I finish a small number of British cavalry.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

RCW - Bolsheviks

A little more progress on this project. Another 18 figures added to the collection. First up is a few officers, flag bearer and a lewis gun to be added into units.

The flag was a free download from the internet. Finding in rather difficult to find any of my usual sources selling flags for this period.

Next up is another 13 riflemen, all from Copplestone castings. These are lovely and easy to paint. I went for a mix of colours on the greatcoats just to add a little irregularity to the units.

So this brings the collection up to 28 completed figures. I have a few more lewis guns and command figures undercoated. After this I have 10 Elite Bolshevik infantry as well as a couple of orders in for 20 more riflemen and some Bolshevik cavalry.

If I go for basic 10 men units for FFOL Bigger battles, this should give me 6 infantry units, support team and some cavalry. Will then need to make some more purchases to build up the cavalry in particular. 

Monday 21 March 2022

A mixed bag

Once more a bit of a mixed bag as I clear some half finished models off of the painting table. First up is 2 commanders for my 10mm army. These were much nicer to paint compared to the strips of figures.

Next up was a 3d printed donated by one of the club as he tried out his new printer. It is a Constuctora armoured car. More than useful on the gaming table and not vad gor a free model.

Lastly I made a start on some Bolsheviks for some Back of Beyond gaming. The infantry are all from Copplestone miniatures. The HMG team is from Blacktree. It is meant for WW2 NKVD, but a little filing of the hats and they fit right in.

I do need to source some flags for the Russian Civil War. I've also got another 8 of these on the basing table. Not a bad start and will nearly have enough to take on the British.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Last of the British

I think these will be the last of the British, at least for a while. Mainly as I want to start on the Russians. First up is the last remaing cavalry officer. The figure was in bad condition, but still servicable. He will be fine hidden the unit.

Next up is the last of the remaining riflemen, enough for a full section. Again these are all Renegade miniatures. There are a few Scottish infantry mixed in, which helps with a bit of a campaign look to the force.

Now I can make a start on those Russians.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

British Cavalry

Well here they are, 7 cavalrymen to add a bit of mobility to my force. Unfortunately only 3 of the models are actually troopers who still need their lances added when my order arrives. I have managed to locate an 8th model to add to the troop.

So here is the completed force so far, all Renegade miniatures. I have got another 10 infantry that need painting up.

So once these last few figures are done I can make a start on some Russians as opponents.

Saturday 12 March 2022

British Field gun

I decided to add a bit of firepower to my British force. The model is from Renegade miniatures. I think it is the 13 pounder.

I'm missing 1 crew member from he set, but I'm happy with it. I've not managed to sort out enough figures for a small unit of 8 cavalry, though they seem to have an over abundance of officers.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

HMG section

Finally got around to basing these figures. 8 more to join my little force for some Back of Beyond gaming. They are 2 Vickers machine gun teams, I may split into 2 small support groups or field as a single section to support the advance of the rest of the troops.

There are currently 2 officers in this section, so one will be swapped out to lead one of the rifle sections. I also took the opportunity ķto paint up a leader for the force. Like the rest he is from Renegade miniatures. 

I've now got the artillery undercoated, so hopefully progress on that shortly. I'm also pretty sure I have some of the Renegade  Britsh cavalry some where. Will see if I can dig them out.

Sunday 6 March 2022

Back of Beyond Brits

Quickly following on from yesterdays post I have managed to knock out another 20 built British infantry for same gaming in Central and Eastern Asia. Like the first section these are all from Renegade miniatures. Nice and easy to paint. Most of these are un the Early war uniform, which was still in widespread use across the empire. The Lewis team are in the late war uniform. Obviously not for the purists, but  satisfy me.

So that is 3 infantry sections completed this weekend. I also have a Commanding officer and a HMG section, made up of a couple of Vickers machine guns just needing their bases completed. Searching through the lead pile produced a field gun, but only 5 crew, must have lost one at some point. These are now undercoated and hopefully completed sometime this week. Not a bad little force of 6 units put together in a short time. Perfect for games of Fistful of lead, bigger battles. I may add an armoured car and either cavalry or some Indian troops.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Eclectic painting update

I've made a conscious effort over the last couple of days to clear the painting table of some half finished models. First up is some figures for Star Wars, namely an Imperial officer, which is a 3D printed model and some Rebel fleet troopers from the Imperial Assault game.

Next up is a commander for my Carlists. It is a simple WW1 British officer with a head swap. Think he was originally from Renegade miniatures.

There was then two more bases of 10mm Chaos Thugs to complete. Not sure if I have mentioned before, but I do not like painting these. Still that's 6 bases done and just 4 to go.

Lastly I have been mulling over some 1920s gaming in Central Asia. I know I can use the Afghans already in my collection. I also have some RCW Reds that also need painting up. But first I decided to re-purpose some old WW1 British figures I had lying in a box. These are for the Western theatre, but will do for me. Should have enough for 3 sections, a HMG team and an artillery piece. A good starter force. So here is the first 10 models re-painted in a khaki uniform.

As I am using existing models with just a few new additions, I believe I am keeping my promise of no new projects. Still 20 more infantry to go.