Wednesday 27 September 2017


In between painting Austrians I managed to finally managed to complete my last regiment of Pancerni. Like the last unit the figures are from Legio Herico. Can't recommend these figures enough.

This brings me up to 36 squadrons, just in time for the refight of Klissow in October.

Sunday 24 September 2017

Sharp Practice Austrians II

Following my last post, I've made some more progress on the Austrians. First up is another group of 8 Fusiliers. This brings the battalion up to 3 groups. This will be 50% of the required fusiliers I want to field.

So far I'm quite enjoying the Victrix figures. I already have a unit of skirmishers part painted and have started building the next 3 groups if fusiliers I need.

Now with a game like Sharp Practice I feel that I will need so extras to add to the story of a game. Luckily from the Colonel Bills stand at the Border Reiver show, I picked up just such a figure. I give you the Lady Charlotte d'Arlot. Currently in disguise wearing a Hussar uniform. I will be able to use her as an officers concubine.

Well best get some more painting done.

Monday 18 September 2017

New Project

As I hinted in a previous post, I've started work on a new project. Though I'm still working on my Poles in the background. It all came about after a visit to the Border Reiver show. The Dave Thomas stand was selling Victrix boxed sets 3 for £45.  So Thom, Neil and myself decided to pick up a boxed set of Napoleonics each. Thom chose French, Neil the British leaving me with the Austrians. Our aim is to put together forces for the Sharps Practice rules.

So 56 Austrians for £15 was too good a bargain.  I also picked up a Perry's high command set. I've already decided on a starting force, picking up a couple of extra sprues on Ebay. I should end up with 2 battalions each with 3 groups of fusiliers a single unit if 3rd rank skirmishers. I can then add some Jaegers or cavalry at a later date.

So here are the first figures painted up. 2 groups of fusiliers and some command figures.

Must admit I'm impressed with the Victrix figures. These being the first I've put together. Quite straightforward to put together. Just need to add the flag. I've already started the 3rd group of fusiliers and have built the skirmishers.

Friday 15 September 2017

Oldhammer Battle report

Last week at the club Neil and I decided to dust down some old figures a have a game of Warhammer 3rd edition. We did put in a few stipulations as it is over 20 years since we played the rules. We each took a level 25 leader and 2 level 5 champions. We didn't bother with piints, just bring some figures and have a game.

I decided on my Dwarves, bringing a unit of elite longbeards, 2 units of clan warriors, 2 small units if crossbows, some giant slayers and of course artillery.

Neil brought some undead led by a vampire. He had 3 units if undead horseman and the rest were skeleton warriors.

The game began with a slow undead shamble towards the dwarven line, who replied with crossbows and artillery fire. The organ gun proving quite deadly. The Undead horseman quickly swept around the flanks and charged into both if my crossbow units. The deathly horseman proved too much and both units fled. Both of my units of clan warriors stepped up to engage the horseman. Both melees lasting a couple of rounds.

The undead infantry continued to advance towards my centre. With the clansman holding off the horsemen my crossbows rallied and returned to the line to hold off another unit of undead cavalry. Then my general led forward his longbeards and crashed into the undead foot. With sharp blades they easily dispatched their foes.

With time running out we called it a day. The dwarves had held off the undead. A very enjoyable game which brought back great memories, even if it did require much looking through the rules.

Thursday 14 September 2017


Another  unit finally across the painting table. This time another unit of Pancerni. The figures this time are from Legio Herico in Spain. These are very nice sculpts and were a joy to paint. They are slightly larger thsn Essex figures but could still be mixed in the same units. Something I'm planning with some Dragoons.

The figures come with separate steel spesrs and shields. I chose not yo add the shield as these were becoming obselete by this period. This just leave 3 more regiments to vomplete. I have made a start on these.

Sunday 10 September 2017

GNW Poles XI

With the re fight of the battle of Klissow getting closer. I've made some more progress on the Polish troops I require. I've added another regiment of winged hussars which brings me to 6 regiments. Like the last regiment the figures are from Donnington.

I also put some paint onto another battalion of infantry. This time I went for a green and red combination. The figures like the rest of the infantry are from Essex.

This army is now drawing to a close with 2 regiments of Pancerni and 2 of Dragoons to complete. I can then make a start on a new period and scale.