Monday 23 November 2009


Manged to gain access to the club today to remove my figures ready for the workmen to get started on removing the asbestos. Looks like the club will probably be closed until at least Christmas. One thing I did realise was how many figures and terrain items I had at the club, managed to fill 5 large boxes.

On the painting front, been touching up my GNW Saxons, many of these were painted about 15-20 years ago (my first historical army), the figures are all Dixon's and in need of some TLC.

Friday 13 November 2009


Well this is a bit of a downer, got a text from Jon, it seems the room that we use for wargaming has been closed until further notice. Looks like Asbestos has been discovered. There goes the bi game for this weekend.

Sunday 8 November 2009


Just received the book on Ramilles by James Falkner the other day, courtesy of Amazon. Already read through once, a useful addition to my collection on the period. Looking ahead I am planning to do a large weekend game for the club using the Marlburian collections of me and Jon. Rough estimates are approx 100 battalions and 120 squadrons, looking to adapt Mikes rules which are hex based (as we don't yet have a hex board). Current estimates are 4 players with the possibility of my 2 nephews joining in. That would be hand as each player can take a wing. Currently looking through some of the historical battlefield maps to use as a layout.