Wednesday 30 January 2013

WSS English & Scots foot

Just another update on the progress of my English troops for Ramillies. I managed to get the bases completed for four more battalions. I have 3 light guns and a couple of brigadiers awaiting basing. First up is Meredith's Foot. The figures are from Warrior Miniatures, I wasn't sure if I was going to use these but they mix in well with Dixons. The flag is a generic English flag from the Warflag site.

The second battalion completed is that of MacCartney. Again these figures are from Warrior Miniatures except the drummer which is from Dixons. The flag once again is a generic one from Warflag.

The third battalion is Orkney's foot. These figures are all from Dixon Miniatures apart from the officer which is from Warrior. The flag is taken from the Warflag site.

The final battalion is the 1st foot Guards. These figures are all Dixon Miniatures and flag from Warflag site. I really enjoyed painting these.

I now have to wait on a couple of orders from Dixons and Warrior so that I can commence on the next batch of troops. These should give me enough for a further 6 infantry battalions and 3 of the horse regiments. I have added a couple of group shots of the completed battalions.

Sunday 27 January 2013

WSS Paint plan and update.

To help me keep focus on my WSS project I have added a paint plan to the blog. This will allow me to track my progress and keep a little focus. I know I can get prone to distractions as I have a part painted unit for my ACW that keep crying out to be finished.

I have also managed to acquire a small amount of artillery in a swap. This has given me 3 light guns and a howitzer. The howitzer is already painted. I also made a small order to Dixons for enough infantry to make up two more battalions of foot and Sabines Welch fusiliers. I also order a cavalry command as I already have 3 spare unpainted cavalry figures, this will give me enough for 2 squadrons, probably paint them up as Cadogan's.

Painting has also continued at quite a pace. I have 2 more battalions, MacCartneys and Merediths finished apart from their bases. Should get them finished tomorrow and then will post some pictures. I have also started 2 more battalions, Orkneys and the 1st foot Guards from the last of my figures.

On the gaming front, things are a little quite. I have managed to fit in a couple of games of Xwing with my daughter and nephews. Must say the more I play this game the more I like it. I also went out and bought a Revell kit of the Millenium falcon. The plan being to buy a game version and use this one for a basic smuggler. Can see a couple of games developing around blockade running.

Friday 25 January 2013

WSS Update

Finally manged to get the last of my Imperialists based. All three regiments took part in the Battle of Friedlingen. First up is the Dragoon regiment Schade from Wurzburg. The figures are all from Warrior miniatures I think in future I might try and bend a few of the arms to add slight variety to the units.

Next up is 2 Infantry battlaions, both from the Swabian Circle. They are the infantry regiment Baden-Durlach, figures from Warrior Miniatures and the combined Grenadiers, figures from Essex.

The Flag is from the Warflag site and the bases as usual are from Warbase. I have also made a start on my Ramilles project with the first 2 battalions painted up. First up is Ingoldsby's foot or Royal Irish. The figures are all from Dixons and the flag is from the Warflag site.

Next up is Mordaunts' battalion or the Scots Fusiliers. Again these figures are from Dixons, they were what I had left over, hence the 2 different poses among the fusiliers. So far I have been unable to identify a flag used by this unit. I've gone for a generic Scots saltire that can easilty be replaced if need be.

This leave only another 18 battalions to do for the English. I think I will be using Dixons for the majority of the infantry. I will use some Warrior figures for a handfull of the battalions, namely those that were disbanded in 1713 as uniform details currently are scarce. For the Cavalry I am going to try the Blue Moon figures. If they are as good as the Brigadiers I got I will be happy. Another plus point is they are significantly cheaper than Dixons cavalry.

Sunday 20 January 2013

WSS Soissonais Regiment

Well it is back to the French for this post. These 2 battalions of the Soissonais regiment will complete one of the French infantry brigades for Friedlingen.

The figures are all from Warrior miniatures except for the 2 drummers who are from Dixon. My bases as usual are MDF from Warbase. The flags are from the Warflag. I went for a slightly larger flag, though not sure it works.

I also have 3 more units of Imperialists awaiting basing. They are 2 Swabian infantry battalions, Baden-Durlach and the Converged Grenadiers. Lastly there is the Wurzburg Dragoon regiment Schade. All three of these units are present at Friedlingen.

Continuing with my work on the WSS I have committed myself to painting up the English Regiments that fought at the battle of Ramilles. Mick is looking to put on the game in May 2014. This gives me plenty of time to paint them up. Looking at the numbers there are 20 infantry battalions, 13 squadrons of horse and all the associated brigadiers and artillery. I have already decided to stick with Dixon and Warrior for the infantry and looking at Blue moon for the horse.

Sunday 13 January 2013

Bases arrived.

I got my bases these week from Warbase, plenty to keep me going for the next couple of months. I got straight to work basing up the figures that I have already painted. I also received 2 small orders of figures from Warrior Miniatures and Dixon Miniatures. This gives me another 10 battalions of foot and a regiment of dragoons to work on.

I have also manged to make it down to my local club for the first time in what seems an age. Real life has been preventing my attendance. I managed to get a run out of the Xwing rules, very enjoyable. It proved to be a close thing with my last remaining Tie fighter shooting down John's last X wing.

Tuesday 8 January 2013

WSS Wurzburg Grenadiers

I must be slowing down, only 1 new unit to add, the Wurzburg Grenadiers. They were formed in 1708. I chose to paint these as I can use them alongside my Franconian and Swabia circle troops and I liked the fact that they had blue stockings but green cuffs. The figures are all from Dixons. The Drummer had a little bit of green stuff added to make a bearskin as Dixon do not make one. Turned out not too bad if you squint and wear an eye patch.

In the rules created by Mike your brigadiers can often become casualties, we usually represent these with a colour marker or a dismounted figure. So I decided to use some left over figures from Donnington, based up singly on 20mm bases from Warbase.

Sunday 6 January 2013

WSS - Anhalt Benburg Regiment

Finally finished the basing on the next 2 battalions for my Hessians, the Anhalt Bernburg Regiment. The figures are all from Warrior Miniatures except the 2 drummers, 1 is from Roundway and the other Essex. The flag was once again provided by Mick from some line drawings I provided for him.

I've also managed to paint up 3 cavalry regiments, still on their lollipop sticks as I'm waiting for some bases from Warbase, he doesn't re-open until the 7th from the festive break. They are the 2 Austrian Cuirassier Regiments, Lobkowitz and Visconti and the Hussar regiment Csaky. The Cuirassiers are all from Dixon, I have mixed in a few tricorns with the lobster helmets to add a little variety. The Hussars are from Minifigs.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

WSS Units

Wow 2nd post of the year. As promised some photos of the WSS units I managed to paint up over the Christmas period. First up is 2 battalions of infantry, Hesse Kassel Leibregiment. The figures are all from minifigs. The flags were done for me by Mick as i managed to locate some black and white drawings for him to work from.

Next up is the Austrian Cuirassier regiment Montecuccoli. These figures are all from Dixon's. I still need to source a flag for the unit I chose these as they are one of the few units with blue cuffs instead of the traditional red of most of the units.

Next up is a unit of Hussars. There was much use made of these in the western theatre by the Austrians, as they were mainly drawn from Hungarian stock and Hungary was in revolt at the time of the war. The figures are part of a batch i picked up from EBay. They are minifigs with a few minor adjustments to the arms to add a little variety to the unit. The uniform is taken from a picture from Ottenfeld's. I believe they are the De Mihaly regiment, but stand to be corrected.

Obviously all troops need some officers to lead them. With the expansion of my forces I needed to add a few more brigadiers. The first 4 are for my Imperialist and the other 3 will be for use with my Saxons. These figures are all from Blue Moon apart from 1 from Warrior Miniatures. I really like the Blue Moon figures and will get some more in the future.

I've got 2 more Hesse Kassel battalions currently being based as well as another Cuirassier regiment waiting bases from Warbase.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish all my fellow Bloggers a Happy New Year. I've just had a quite time this year, not to much booze but plenty of food.

During the holiday period I have managed to get some painting done, mainly a handful of Chaos Space marines for my own non Chapter approved renegades and some 15mm War of the Spanish Succession, mainly Austrians and Hessian's. I'll post some pictures later in the week when I get the basing is finished. I will also have to order some more bases from Warbase as I have run out.

On the gaming front I got a surprise this year. My better half never purchases anything wargaming related for me, she thinks its a silly hobby. However after much chipping away and hint dropping, she finally did it. Now I won't say that she bought some Grenadiers or such like, she wouldn't have a clue where to start. She did however buy me the X wing game. I've already had one go against my daughter just using the basic rules. No pictures as I am shamed to admit she beat me twice in a row (feels like wings of war all over again). However I am impressed with the rules, and if like me you grew up with the original Star wars franchise, I've been waiting for a game like this. Already bought an extra X wing and 1 each of the expansion sets Y Wing and Tie advanced.

Well that is the end of the fun as back to work tommorrow.