Sunday 25 November 2012

FIW Militia

Sorry for the lack of updates but real life is taking precedent at the moment. Gaming is definitely on the back foot and my painting is only on a sporadic basis. That said I did manage to complete a handful more figures for my French and Indian war collection. These are 2 units of militia, each of 4 figures. I will be adding to these to bring both units up to their 6 figure maximum. The figures themselves are from Front Rank's AWI range. I like the fact that you can pick out the individual figures that you want and in the quantity that you want.

Militia unit 1
Militia unit 2

I also painted up an officer for my unit of rangers. This figure is also from Front Rank. Size wise each matches in well with the AW miniatures I currently use for my rangers. The only noticeable difference is the length of the rifle, which is significantly shorter on the Front Rank model.

Ranger Captain
Ranger Captain
I also finally finished off the final building, another log house from Pegasus Hobbies. These plastic kits have much to recommend them. I have seen the latest MDF ones from 4ground, but currently cannot see me getting any at this time.

Trading post
Trading post
This model will probably see use as the main focal point within a settlement as it is larger than the other models I have or act as a stand alone trading post.

Saturday 10 November 2012

Terrain part 3 and others

Finally managed to finish my 2 rock outcrops. Quite pleased with these, despite the larger base warping slightly. I finished both bases with sand and added some static grass to help blend them in with my wargames table.

small rock outcrop
another view
Large rock outcrop
Frenchman added for scale purposes.

Due to the lack of gaming opportunities at this time I have been able to concentrate on finishing off some of my scenery. Next up was the third woodland Indian hut. Constructed using the same methods as the others. I've got enough material to finish off another model.

Indian hut

For use during games of Muskets and Tomahawks, I picked up some movement trays to be used for the regular troops. Each tray will hold 8 figures. I'll try and pick up some more with differing sizes and layouts for the more Irregular troops.

Movement trays flocked and grass added
The troops in place

I also manged to pick up some more figures from Front Rank. The first painted are some more French Regulars for the La Reine regiment. I also complete a foot and mounted officer, Captain Clerambault to lead them. The flag is from War flag. This brings my regulars up to a strength of 2 units of 10. I also have another 10 and another officer to paint up.

La Reine regiment additions
Next up, I've ordered some more bases and movement trays. I also have some militia, provincials and a Ranger captain to paint. The larger building from Pegasus hobbies just needs basing, photos to follow. I have also been using some poker chips to make counters for use in the game, white for French and Red for the Brits. After this I only need to add a few more civilians and some livestock. Not sure yet if I will put together a larger river and get some canoes to add a bit of variety to the games. There is also the possibility of building a fort, the MDF walls from Warbase look promising.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Terrain part 2

With the Newcastle match blasting in the background, I took the opportunity to do some more work on my rock outcrops. Both models got a coat of some cheap acrylic black. I then concentrated on the smaller of the 2 pieces, giving it 2 dry brushed coats of grey, the second being slightly lighter. I then borrowed an idea from Eric's blog Shed wars and added some sand to various parts. These will eventually be covered in Oak varnish and small clumps of static grass to be added. Eric's blog is worth a look as his FIW layout is superb

Black undercoat
2 shades of Grey dry brushed on
Sand added
While this was drying I did some more work on my third Indian hut, this time I managed to obtain a plastic bowl for the base from my mother, she didn't bother to ask why I wanted it. I also started on re basing some of my trees, getting the sand added to the bases. I also started to construct my Pegasus model log house when disaster struck, I knocked it of the shelf when drying and broke the roof, oops, nothing a bit of glue won't fix.

Indian hut

Saturday 3 November 2012


Due to real life getting in the way I've been unable to get any gaming or painting in this week. So today I decided to make some outcrops for my wargames table. I want them to be fairly generic, as I play a number of periods and scales. So banished outdoors as I would be using some polystyrene pieces I managed to scavenge after building some flat pack furniture I went to work.

For the bases I used some MDF from the bottom of an old set of drawers. I trimmed them up to remove the straight edges. Next I went to work on the polystyrene, cutting and shaping until I was happy and then glued them to the bases. I had to use some cocktail sticks to pin the large piece as it was constructed from a couple of pieces of polystyrene. I then coated both pieces with a large mix of PVA glue and polyfilla to help protect them before I get around to painting them up.

Large outcrop
Smaller outcrop
I am still a little undecided on the colour scheme to use, either start with black and work up in shades of grey or work up in shades of brown and tans. Need to decide by tomorrow as they should be thoroughly dry to commence painting.

As my FIW project progresses I have been making up a few purchases. !st off I bought another of the Pegasus models, this time the 2 storey log house. This will take over the place as a trading post and relegate my home made model to a basic homestead. On EBay I picked up a bargain 27 SYW French by Front rank figurines. These will allow my French Regulars to increase to 3 units of 10 with a further 2 officers. There is also a mounted officer if I wish to use one. This leaves my British rather shorthanded , so to start redressing the balance I have ordered 8 militia, 8 provincials and a ranger officer from Front Rank. Next month I will add a couple more militia, ad some Indians, probably from Redoubt for added variety.