Saturday 15 December 2012

FIW New Jersey Provincials

Finally managed to get these guys finished. I went for the New Jersey regiment, simply to match in with my rangers which were also a New Jersey unit. The figures are all from Front Rank. Not quite quite sure if I got the blue right for the coats, but I'm happy enough with them.

The figures came in only 2 variants. I am thinking of picking up some more, but this time from Galloping Major to add a bit of variety. I want enough for a couple of units.

Next up is an officer, I think he is from the SYW Prussian range by Front Rank, will need to check. He came as part of a bundle of figures I got off EBay.  Unfortunately his coat has turn backs, but I am reasoning that since he is an officer he is more than likely provided his own attire.

The bases as usual are MDF provided by Warbase. Now I have the last 10 Frenchmen to complete.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

End of year review

It's that time of year again where I review my progress for 2012. I had 5 main project aims and my progress is detailed below.

28mm Ancient Greeks – I did start on these, about 30% complete. 2 units of hoplites and a unit of peltast were done. Not good for a project that has been on the go for about 4 years. Must do better.

28mm ECW - I wanted to fill out my cavalry forces as some of the units appeared under strength. There was also another regiment of foot to paint. Sadly, zero marks as I didn't add anything to the project. I did though use the figures in some Pike and Shotte games.

ACW - I wanted to paint up the last of my 15mm ACW figures for Gettysburg, namely Pickett’s Division and the rest of the Union I Corps. Again poor marks, I only completed one extra brigade. Becoming a bit of a recurring theme this.

15mm FPW – I needed to finish my Wurttemburgers and then start on a second Division. A well done as I managed this and more, completing a Bavarian division as well as a French infantry corps and Cavalry division. A*

Dystopian Wars – Finish of my FSA fleet and likely start another, either Prussian or Britannia. Well I finished the FSA fleet but lost interest in the game. These will probably be sold to fund further projects.

So what did I do, well there was some dark age Irish for SAGA, a 4 point warband. I also had a dabble in some 10mm AWI from pendraken, there were some 15mm Macedonian and Greeks. I also undertook the mammoth task of re basing my WSS collection. My main interest later in the year was the French Indian War, I got really into this project and its nearly 90% complete.

On the gaming front I got involved in a re fight of the battle of Paltzig from the SYW, a very enjoyable game.

So what is the aim for 2013.

28mm Greeks – I'm determined to get these done and get to game with them.

28 FIW – I want to finish this project, adding some civilians and provincials.

15mm FPW – I want to add at least one more French infantry division and expand the Bavarians to corps strength.

15mm ACW – With only a handful of figures to do I should get these finished

15mm WSS – I've got some French to complete as I want to finish off the forces for the Battle of Friedlingen.

No doubt I'll get sidetracked as I already have a slight hankering after some Austrian Napoleonic, go figure. Not a period I know a great deal about. The Napoleonic fashion police have always scared me away.

Well that's the review done, Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, may the dice Gods always bring good fortune (though not if your playing against me).