Tuesday 3 October 2023

More Royalist horse

Despite a bit of a delay as I was away camping at the weekend. I finally completed another 2 regiments of Royalist horse. This brings me up to 12 completed regiments. The figures for these are all the plastics from Warlord games. I did also complete another brigadier, this time from Peter Pig.

There was a bit of discussion around the Marston Moor project and the amount of cavalry we need as well as the size of table to accommodate this. Currently each regiment in game terms is 2 bases approximately representing 200 horse. We need 66 regiments or 132 bases which is quite an undertaking. One solution is to increase the base to represent 200 horse. This brings the number of regiments down to 38 (rounding some of the actual regimental strength up), That is still 76 bases, but much more achievable. It also looks better against the infantry units which represent between 600 and 1000 men.

What this does mean is that Newcastle's Northern Royalist army is complete and I can use the 4 addtional regiments I painted as part of Ruperts' force (useful as no-one had yet agreed to paint Ruperts' horse). A double bonus is that I can also make a start on Fairfax's Northern Association horse which also get me nearer to a game.

On another note I did eventually get around to basing the second unit of Parlaimentarion foot. I've also got some commanded shotte done that just needs basing.

Hopefully get some more figures done for the weekend