Tuesday 14 February 2023

Whites / Brits and Trojans

These are a bit of a mixed bag of figures I managed to complete while the family were laid low with covid, thankfully testing negative now. The first batch of figures are the 8 additional figures I needed to vomplete the 1st company of the Markov regiment for my Whites. The figures were all picked up from Miniature figurines.

I am tempted for the second company to keep 2 or 3 figures in white shirts, just to add a little irregularity to the units. The next figures were 4 more Brits from Renegade miniatures, I managed to find them in the unpainted lead pile. These should allow me to field 5 infantry companies now.

The last batch of figures were some more for my Trojan war project. They are a unit of javelinmen / auxiliaries and the first hero figure. I believe this one is designated as Hektor. He's not the most dynamic pose but still nice enough.

Hopefully over the weekend I can make some more progress on both the Markov regiment and the Trojan war project. I also have a few ideas for a large Back of Beyond game at the club, but need to get a few more figures completed yet.


  1. Replies
    1. I try to get as much as possible done at weekends, then concentrate on basing during the week after work due to the darker nights at the moment

  2. Painting like a deacon at the moment !

    1. Cheers Matt, I need the projects to keep me focused

  3. More nice work Scotty, particularly the RCW Whites. I hope the family have forgiven you for giving them the plague!

  4. Very productive run! RCW troops are coming out well,them British and ancients a treat.