Monday 27 February 2023

More Achaens and a couple of extras

Progress has continued with the Trojan War project as I look to both bring the Achaens up to strength and finish off the Trojans. So the first additions are another unit of Achaen spearman supported by a couple of groups of skirmishers with slings.

Achaen shieldwall

Once again I went with the black and white goat skinned shields, though slightly more white than the last unit. I do have another unit of spearmen ready for undercoating, along with some archers and another group of slingers.

For the Trojans I finally completed the 2nd chariot to finish the unit. I also completed a second hero, this time Paris / Alexandros to lead a second contingent.

I should also have another couple of Trojan light spearmen / javelinmen completed once their bases are finished. I had a quick look through the unpainted pile to see what I have left to do.


4 Heroes

2 units of Lukka warriors

2 units of skirmishers with slings


5 Heroes

2 units of spearmen

3 units of Myrmidons

6 units of light spearmen

2 units of archers

2 units of skirmishers with slings

These will keep me busy for a couple of months. I do think I need to pick up a few more troops, especially a command group for each side to denote lesser heroes, a couple more light spears for the Trojans and heavy spears for the Achaens. I can then look into getting some buildings for the outskirts of Troy and even some ramparts for the Achaen camp. Of course there is also a few more chariots for both sides.