Saturday 18 February 2023

I am the Law

For a bit of a change I decided to run a Judge Dredd game at the club. THe rules from Warlord games are not to my taste so I had a go at adapting Galactic Heroes from the Fistful of Lead stable. Most of the club are familiar with the rules so should help keep it flowing. I had also ordered a new mat from Tiny Wargames which happened to arrive just in time for the game.

I went for a simple scenario. The former Judge Grice was hiding out with a local gang while a Judge and Rookie partner moved to arrest him. There were also 2 extra Judges on Lawmaster that would arrive when a Joker was played. As a test it seemed to flow well, need to make a few ammendements to the abilties of the Judges and Lawmaster in readiness of next weeks game.

On Patrol

Gangers move to intercept the Judges

More gangers arriving

Another Judge turns up

Gun shots ring out

Casualties amongst the gangers

Another Judge arrives

Great shot to put a Judge down

The firefight continues

Not a good view

Judge cleaning up the streets

The arrest is made

I think next week I will also introduce some of the equipment cards from the boxed game, especially some of the special ammo that the Judges can use. I'm also pretty certain I have a few more figures for this game that also need painting up.


  1. Looks like a fun skirmish level game to entertain your club mates, Scotty. I like all the futuristic looking vehicles!

    1. Cheers Keith. Picked them up from the sadly out of production infinity game