Friday 3 February 2023

WSS game 2

So on club night we decided to give the Tricorns another run out. Once again the French and Russians would clash. I even had two extra players keen to learn the rules.

The game began with Thom and Mitch advancing with their numerically superior Russians. Meanwhile John and myself advanced to meet them. John's unusual deployment of cavalry in the center and his infantry on the left wing would prove costly.

Thankfully out on our right flank my cavalry began to slowly wear down the inferior but numerous Russian horse. In the center though things did not go so well with the infantry exchanges. Meanwhile, John realised his deployment error and began moving his horse to the left flank. This however left a gap in the center for the Russian infantry to exploit.

Over on the left Thoms' infantry began their assault on a village. His horse though ran into Bavarian cuirassiers and took a rather heavy beating. However he did pin a full brigade of badly needed french infantry who were now needed in the center.

As the night drew to a close I had managed to re-form my french infantry in the centre. But my 2 worn brigades were facing 3 larger Russian brigades, which contained the best of the Russian infantry. Next week's outcome hangs on how quickly can John redeploy his infantry into the centre. We have the better of the Russian horse but risk our army being split in two.


  1. Looks like you have it all to play for in the second half, Scotty! It's going to take some fancy footwork to pull your proverbials out of the fire!

  2. Sounds and look like a great game.

  3. Good to see horse and musket battles on the table. I see a hex grid. Are you playing using the grid?

    1. The hex grid is used. Makes movement easier and removes the need for measuring distances, especially when trying to wheel a line

  4. Great game- love the blog- consider yourself followed!