Sunday 3 July 2022

RCW - The end is near

I'm finally getting into a position to claim that the Bolsheviks are completed. Just 2 more units to go and the lead pile is cleared. So continuing on from the last post, here is the armoured car. It is an Austin-Putilov, the model is a 3d print from paint and glue miniatures. I added a base to help secure and support the front wheels.

I have deliberately left off any markings so that I can also use it for the Whites, when I eventually get around to painting them. I then took the opportunity to replace all the flags on my units, these definitely look much better than the last ones.

So the force so far consists of 2 units of cavalry, 5 units of infantry, 2 veteran infantry units, a unit of Siberians and 2 units of Sailors. Supported by a HMG team, artillery and a handful of vehicles. Just 1 infantry and 1 cavalry unit to go.

This should give me enough for some decent sized games. I've even ordered 'Setting the East a blaze' rules from Caliver books. Can't wait for my copy to arrive and I can plan some games in against the Brits for now.


  1. Great looking collection, Neil but finished? I THINK NOT! Keep painting...

    1. Cheers Jonathan, I know no project is ever truly completed

  2. LOL - I have at least this many Bolsheviks in my collection - but another forty-odd should be en route from Brigade Games any day - yes, its the infamous July 4 2021 order - I finally got a response out of the owner and seems like he will actually send the figures I paid him for 12 months ago!

  3. I'm glad you are finally getting that sorted. I need to think about starting some Whites

  4. Great work, nice to see you feel closer to being able to run the sort of game you want.

  5. Great stuff Neil the force is looking really impressive now, worth the hard work 👍