Sunday, 24 July 2022

So no new projects!

This year I made a promise to myself, not to start any new projects, just work on existing armies and get those sitting unpainted atleast painted. So far I have kept my promise, now Dave mentions Mechs. Now I remember playing Battletech many years ago and always like the idea of putting together miniatures for a mercenary force. But this would mean a new project, but Mechs are cool.

Luckily I still have the old Space Marine game produced many years ago by Games Workshop. Now If I re-used some of the infantry and vehicles, then I'm just updating an existing collection. So technically not a new project. That's me convinced.

Now one of the benefits of isolating due to Covid in the family I spent the last 3 days happily putting together a small mercenary force. First 4 Mechs from the Reaper Cav range. These are actually 10mm but fit in with the epic range.

For tanks I used 4 Land Raiders and mobile artillery in the form of 2 basilisks. Went for a red and white camo, quick and easy to do.

Lastly is a mechanized infantry company. This comprises of 10 Rhino APCs and 10 stands of infantry.

So the whole force together. Perfect to act as a mercenary contingent. Got more than enough GW stuff to kit out another 4 mechanized company with Rhinos and 20+ Land Raiders. 

Just need to give the company a suitable name and then see what rules Dave wants to use.


  1. Reasonable logic used there Scotty, if no money changed hands and no extra unpainted metal was involved, then no new project has been committed, in my book!

  2. Well, Keith, I am not so sure I agree. Purchasing the figures for a project is separate and distinct from actually beginning work on a project. This work looks and feels like starting a new project to me.

    1. Well I admit my argument isn't a strong one