Wednesday, 6 July 2022

More US Cavalry

I know I said I would get some of the mounted cavalry to match the first batch of figures, but, I was sent a Fistful of Lead scenario for the Little Bighorn, in which I needed 10 troopers on foot and 20 Native Americans. So a change of order was made and here they are. All from Artizan miniatures.

I'm quite happy with how they've turned out. Now I can select 10 random figures from the 12 I have. Here they all are.

I also completed one more Native American to bring them up to 20 after re-basing 10 rather old and badly painted mounted figures. They will do to try out the scenario. There was also a trapper from Artizan added to the completed tally.

Hopefully I'll get to run the scenario next week at the club. It does look difficult for the cavalry. 


  1. Will be interesting to see how LBH gives at the club, Scotty!

    1. Hopefully I remember to take pictures of next weeks game