Sunday, 7 October 2012

FIW Muster continues

A few more additions to my slowly growing French & Indian war collection. First up is the second unit of Companies Franches de la marine. This will allow me to field either 2 units of 8 figures or a single unit of 12 figures. The figures are part of a set I got from Harry and no idea what make they are.

Companies Franches de la marine
The full Company together
 Next up are a few figures from Front Rank Figurines, very nice sculpts and a pleasure to paint. First up is 2 British officers to lead my force. Again I kept with the colour scheme of the 60th Royal Americans.

British Officers
British Officers

For the French, they have the addition of an Officer in summer dress and 3 Regulars from the La Reine Infantry Regiment. Already got an order in with Front Rank to finish off this unit.

French Officer
French Officer
Regiment La Reine
And lastly the start of my Woodland Indians, 3 figures from Front Rank. The centre figure will fulfil the role as a Sachem for these.

Woodland Indians


Andrew J. McCory said...

Nice job on these!

Rodger said...

These guys are awesome Scotty.