Sunday 21 October 2012

More FIW Goodiness

I'm continuing to add to my French and Indian War collection. First up is some plastic buildings from Pegasus Hobbies. These are supposedly 1/72nd scale, representing Russian log houses but are more in scale with 28mm figures. I've kept the roofs as they are, even though one is thatched. Thatched roofs did not last long in North America due to the long dry summers causing a number of incidents with fires.

Building with thatched roof
2nd building

I've painted these to match the buildings I have already done, adding MDF bases to add a bit of sturdiness. I would recommend these buildings to anyone doing gaming in North America. I also re-furbished a number of storage items to use as battlefield clutter for games.

Barrels and supply boxes

On the figure front I have finished the last of my AW Miniatures Indians and some Canadian Militia from Front Rank.

Indians with muskets
Indians with bows
Canadian militia
Canadian militia

I've also managed to get in a couple of games using the Musket and Tomahawk rules. So far very positive, the game at the club was enjoyed by all the players. The second game was a solo affair to help me get my head around a couple of the rules. All in all a good set of rules. I will post some pictures of the games shortly.


  1. Nice! I have the pegasus farm houses. I should really paint those up.

  2. I have them to. And now you're telling that they are big for 1/72 scale. I hope not.

    You painted them very nice Scotty!


  3. Very nice Scotty. Could you replace the thatch with strips of Balsa wood?

  4. Nice looking figures and buildings. They will mkae an attractive game!

  5. Nice work Scott, the buildings look great as do the figures. I have bought M&T rules but have not used them yet, so I'll look forward to your reports.