Sunday, 28 October 2012

FIW extras

To further clutter up the battlefield for future games I've decided to add a few pieces of extra details. First up is two carts from 4ground. These are made from MDF and were pretty straightforward to put together and paint.
2 Hand carts

I've also put together some extra trade goods to go with the trading post. The sandbags were from a plastic WW2 set I picked up years ago, still got some more lying around. The smaller crates and barrels are resin that I picked up rather cheaply on EBay. The larger barrel is from GW Siege defenders range and the 2 rolls of cloth are from Black Crow's sci fi range.

Trade goods
 As most of my scenery is for the Europeans I decided I wanted something for the Indians. I had a quick look on the Grand Manner site at their Indian Longhouses, lovely sculpts but out of my price range. It was then I remembered an old WI issue with and article from Herb Gundt on making a woodland Indian village. Using this as inspiration and knicking a plastic bowl from the Kitchen, I add small squares of crepe paper to get a bark effect. Quite pleased with my efforts, though the door is probably too large.

Indian Hut
Indian hut
And all Indian villages are not complete with a totem pole displaying the scalps of a warriors recent victims. The scalps were made from some rolled up tissue paper.

Scalping pole
On the figure front I painted up another 6 Canadian militia as Courer de bois. These figures are all from Front Rank Miniatures. Quite enjoyed painting these guys despite my initial reservations.

Courer de bois
Courer de bois


  1. WOW I am impressed about what you have done here!
    A big respect on these!

  2. Love the Indian huts, very smart!

  3. Damn nice work, I've been looking at those MDF wagons myself.

  4. I like all the things you're showing! But the wagons are my favorites!


  5. Did not realise wagon were mdf - awesome !

    Must get some of these

    Like the trade goods

  6. I picked the wagons up off EBay, £3.50 each.

  7. Wonderful work Scotty. Really like the wagons!

  8. Very nice in particular the home made Indian huts.