Sunday, 14 October 2012

Latest FIW figures

Work is continuing on my French and Indian War collection. I finished off the first 4 Indians that I received from AW miniatures. Very easy to paint, already started on the next 2 units of Indians. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, these dark nights are limiting the times I can get decent pictures.

Woodland Indians - AW Miniatures
Woodland Indians

Next up I put some paint to a unit of 7 Rangers, figures again from AW Miniatures. These I like a lot and will definitely get some more in the future. Instead of painting them up as Rogers' Rangers like just about everyone else, I decided to complete Hezekiah Dunn's Ranger Company from New Jersey in their grey coats. This company was raised and paid from by the Provincial Government and not the Crown like Rogers' company.

Dunn's Rangers - AW Miniatures
Dunn's Rangers

The last unit I've completed was the French Regulars from La Reine Regiment. These figures are all from Front Rank Miniatures. These were quite easy to paint up, gotta love the French and their white uniforms.

French Regulars - Front Rank Miniatures
French Regulars.
Going through the figures I have left for this project, their are 11 more Woodland Indains, bringing my total up to 18. I've also got 6 Courer de bois and 8 Candien Militia to complete. As part of a swap with a mate at the club, I also received a further 6 Courer de Bois, 5 Indians and 3 Civilians. Not sure of the make of these figures but size wise nearer 25mm than 28mm. In their own units they will be okay as they are dwarfed by the Front Rank and AW Miniatures I already have.

On the scenery front I picked up the Pegasus Models 2 Russian log houses, look perfect for the Frontier settlements. I've also dusted down some of my old batterred trees which need a bit of a face lift and new bases.


  1. They look very nice. Makes me want to forge ahead with my own 18th century project.

  2. They look all great! Good idea to paint the Rangers as another unit! Good work on the white of the Frenchies!


  3. Great work.

    Everywhere I look people are painting French and Indian Wars stuff. I must resist getting involved in any new projects.

  4. Cheers for the comments guys.
    Paul, you know you'll succumb to the shiny metal syndrome in the end