Thursday, 30 July 2020

More Britons

Some more additions to my Ancient Britons for infamy. First up is 2 Warlords to lead the warbands. Both models are from Warlord games, one is the Vercingetorix model which I'll use as the Warlord Betamatix. The other is from the linebreakers set. He will be a status II leader , Weetabix.

The shield on Betamatix is my first attempt at hand painting a Celtic shield. Not bad for a first attempt. Might even try a few more.

I also took the opportunity to add another 10 Celtic warriors to the force. I will eventually sort them out into their correct groups for Nobles, warriors and levy.

Again these are the plastic figures and shield transfers from Warlord. Just 20 more of these to go. I've also took advantage of the Newline sale to order some more slingers, fanatics and Nobles. There are also 2 more chariots ordered from Crusader to finish the army.