Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Winter Terrain and a couple of Officers

In readiness for my first Chain of Command game on Thursday I've been frantically tryinv to add to my winter terrain. Otherwise it could be a very bleak landscape.

First is a resin piece, log barricade. I do have a second one of these hidden away somewhere.  I can see this getting some use hidden in some trees with an artillery piece.

Next up was a spare cart and some barrels. These were already painted. I just added them to a base and winterised it.

Now all villages need some fences for animal enclosures. I made these out of lollipop sticks and coffee stirrers. I do have another 5 in the construction queue.

As mentioned in my last post, I still needed to complete my senior leader and another junior officer. These are from the metal command pack from Warlord games. Quite happy with how they turned out.

Just have a few more riflemen to complete for a recon team. Will need to pick ip a Sdkfz 250 and 252 to finish the force. Then I can start on some Russians.


marinergrim said...

Very effective and probably quite apt with the weather warnings we're getting here in the UK.

Phil said...

Love your atmospheric and gorgeous terrain Neil!

Matt Crump said...

Nice work I have never managed to be able to have extra snow terrain but it will look great in the game👍

Neil Scott said...

I think you're right

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Phil

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Matt. Just need so much more