Sunday, 20 September 2015

Frostgrave Warband

When I attended the Border Reiver show at Gateshead/Newcastle, I picked up the Frostgrave rules and a couple of blisters as part of my show loot. I've seen some reviews across the blogosphere and thought they would prove useful as a quick pick up and play game at the club.

For my blisters I chose the Thaumaturge and apprentice and the tracker with the hound for no other reason in that I liked the models. I did think of purchasing a box of the soldiers but after a few moments thought i was sure I would have enough proxy models in my lead pile that could be drafted in. So here they are, I'm still reading the rules and my warband so far is made up of available figures that i located straight away.

Wizard and Apprentice
Tracker and hound
For a Knight and a Templar I have used 2 men at arms figures from Black tree design. These were left over from my Lion Rampant armies

Templar and knight
Next up is a barbarian, a Gripping Beast special figure from their Age of Arthur release. The other 3 are 2 Musketeer miniatures early Saxons and a foundry early German warrior. They looked particularly suitable as thugs/warriors for the frosty setting.

Barbarian and thugs
The whole Warband together
I've already mad a start on a second warband for some solo games at home. Next up I'll need some scenerypieces as this game needs plenty of it.


TamsinP said...

Nice looking warband! :)

Rodger said...

Great stuff Scotty, very well done!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking warband.


Phil said...

Nice colors, love the diferent poses of this group...and I love the wizard!