Saturday, 14 November 2015

'Oldhammer Elves

After the big game up at Micks in October I have found myself in a bit of a rut when it comes to painting, it has probably come down to a lack of focus and no project to aim for. So a long search through the lead pile unearthed some Elves and Melnibonean figures that I have had lying around since the 80's. I also did a quick search on E-Bay and visited a local hobby shop to pick up a handful of figures to round the force off. Now I had some focus, but which Elven force, High Elf or Wood Elf. In the end I chose neither and plumbed for a Sea Elf force defending and outpost in the New/Old world.

First up is a unit of Kinband led by a level 10 Hero Cormac Moonblade, he's the one with the hawk. This unit consists of 20 warriors with Cormac. The majority of the figures are from the 80's with a couple of the more modern sculpts lurking in the rear rank.

Cormac Moonblade and retinue
The next unit is composed entirely from the Melnibonean range. I think as these guys as the crew of a Sea Elf warship with their Dragon masks. Makes them look rather fearsome. I would love to pick up more of these figures but the price on E-Bay is exorbitant. the unit is led by a level 5 hero Idrynn Brightmantle (I'm using the Dylvim Slorm figure)

Idrynn Brightmantle and retinue
Both of these infantry units are supported by a detachment of archers, 2 units of 10. The figures are a mix of Melniboneans, 80's Citadel and Marauder as well as some of the current LOTR range from Games Workshop. I do realise that I will need more archers for this force.

Archer detachment
Archer detachment
to provide a hard hitting unit to this force I have gone for a small unit of Shore riders, led by the Army General Falerien Eaglewing. The figures are composed of 2 Melnibonean troopers and 3 early versions of Silverhelms I think. I mounted Falerien on the only armoured horse, just so here stands out.

Falerien Eaglewing and Shore riders
The only other additional troops I have added are a small unit of 5 sea elf wardancers, I could ideally do with another 5 models to make them more useful. For magic support I am using a plastic mage from GW, he will be replaced by a more suitable model once I can locate one and then be named. So not bad for a months work with the main emphasis being on getting a small force completed. I might even get to use them in a game in the coming weeks, just have to wait and see. Now back to some historical figures.


Francis Lee said...

Good job Neil!

Neil Scott said...

cheers Fran

Rodger said...

Very nice Scotty!

Neil Scott said...

thanks Rodger

VonKortez said...

Nice to see an old school sea elf army. There aren't that many around... Mine can be seen here: