Sunday, 18 October 2015

Extra figures for Frostgrave

After playing my first game of Frostgrave at the club, I really like these rules. Excellent for a pick up and play game at the club. So much so that I have committed myself to a level 3 pack as part of the northstar Nickstarter for the next supplement Thaw of the Lich lord, I also added in a snow troll and a deck of the spell cards.

This week at the club we will be giving the rules another run out so I decided to make more progress on suitable figures within my lead mountain. First up are a pair of wizards, The left is a metal figure from Midlam miniatures and the one on the right is from the Reaper Bones range.

Pair of wizards
Next up is a couple of vikings press-ganged into the retinue as soldiers. I added cloaks to both figures, one from a spare Fireforge Templar sprue

A pair of soldiers
The rest of the retinue is made up of two thugs, using spare saxon figures from Musketeer minaitures. There are also two Huns from Foundry miniatures that I can use as Trackers. These were from a Hun raiding party set.

The whole retinue
In readiness for this weeks game I have a bear and some wolves from Warbases that I need to get painted up.


Phil said...

Nicely done, they look great!

Rodger said...

Looking good Scotty. Bring on the wolves!