Sunday, 27 December 2015

New Warband for Frostgrave

Using the figures I received from the Nickstarter, I decided to put together a second warband. This one though is in the service of the Lich Lord. As a start point I have used the Lich wizard and apprentice figures. These will be the focal point of the warband as the wizard searches for the secrets to becoming a Lich. I have deliberately gone with a limited colour palette as I wanted to add some uniformity to the warband.

Wizard and apprentice
So far I have put together nine of the plastic cultist figures to represent some of the less specialised henchmen such as thieves and thugs. I feel such henchmen as rangers and barbarians would not keep to the colours of the cult / warband.

Archers and Crossbowman for missile support
A thief and thugs for collecting the treasure tokens
The heavy hitters of the warband
The Warband together
I have to say that I enjoyed putting together the plastic cultists, very easy and I can see many uses for these figures in other genres such as Pulp and even 40k. I've also put some finishing touches to some of the treasure tokens as well as a snow troll.

Treasure tokens
Snow Troll
Snow Troll
Well hopefully I should be putting together a full review of my progress this year as well as some thoughts on possible projects for 2016


Rodger said...

Very very nice! Really like those tokens.

Phil said...

Excellent, the snow troll is impressive!