Saturday, 12 December 2015

More Frostgrave goodies

After only a couple of starter games I committed myself for a level 3 Nick starter for the Thaw of the Lichlord supplement. In between Christmas shopping I have slowly started to add to my collection for use in the game.

First up is some bugbears I picked up from the Reaper Bones range. Very easy to paint up and quite impressed with the quality of the figures. I will likely write a scenario just to use these guys as I have 2 more to paint up.

Next up is the Frost wraith that was one of the rewards that I picked up. I love this model, very spooky and took very little time to paint up, consisting of a blue ink over a white base coat then re highlighted with white. I still need to add some snow to the base.

Frost Wraith
Frost Wraith
Lastly I painted up some animals that I picked up from the Border Reiver show at the Warbases stand. Very nice figures and at a very reasonable price. May pick up a few more of his range.

Wolves and Brown bear
Luckily on Thursday night we also got in another game to give us a run through of the rules as we look to start a campaign in the New year. I think the Campaigns add another level to the game. I've added a few photos of the game. We still need to add some more terrain pieces to the collection for variety

Table layout
The cotton wool represents fog from a successful spell cast
Archers in cover
The War-hound named Dog
I've now got to put the finishing touches to a snow troll before making a start on the cultists. Half of these will be used to form a second warband


Rodger said...

The additions look fantastic Scotty! Really like the wolves and love Dog!

Neil Scott said...

cheers Rodger

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Don't understand 90% of what you said Scotty but the figures look bloody good!

Neil Scott said...

Cheers Dave

Francis Lee said...

Damn nice work Neil and a game too!

Phil said...

Nicely done, love the Frost Wraith....