Tuesday, 9 October 2012

AW Miniatures

My figures arrived from AW Miniatures this morning and very nice they are too. I ordered them on the 29th September and they arrived today 9th October. A very respectable turn around, especially considering the range has just been released. I bought both packs of the woodland Indians and pack 1 of Rogers Rangers. Thought I'd do a little review on my first impressions.

Both packs of Indians contain 8 miniatures priced at £8.50, good value for money. They also do a War party pack of 20 figures for £20, may be worth considering these. 3 of the Indians are bow armed while the other 5 have muskets. This suits me as I can combine the 2 packs to give one bow armed unit and two musket armed units. One of the musket armed figures has separate arms so you can adjust the pose, allows you to add a little variety to the figures. There were a couple of slight mould lines but nothing that a quick scrap of the scalpel will remove.

Height wise they are very comparable to the Front Rank figures I already have, cannot say if they will mix well with the other ranges until I get my hands on some to compare, but if Front Rank mix then so will these. The photos below were of the first 4 Indians I picked out for painting. I really like the figure with the musket above his head.

4 AW Miniatures with muskets
Next up a couple of photos showing them against the Front Rank Indians that I have already painted.

Firing pose comparison
Aw on the left and front rank on the right
Overall I'm very happy with the figures. I'll post a review of the Rangers when I get to them. I will definitely be buying more figures from this range. I notice on the website that British and French Regulars are coming soon.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking figures!

The Angry Lurker said...

They're damn nice looking, have you tried conquest miniatures?

scotty said...

Not yet Fran, but will in the future for more variety

peter said...

Nice comparison! The painted ones look great!


Vince H said...

Nice paint job. The AW figures look on the "heroic" size scale. Are they very big compared to manufacturers other than Front Rank ?