Sunday 19 May 2024

Scots Covenanter Regiment

I'm getting very close to having all the troops done for Marston Moor. Mitch provided an update this morning with 2 of the 3 horse regiments he needed done now completed. I managed to soldier on and complete the 11th of 12 Scots Covenanter regiments we require. The flags as usual are from Wargames designs.

The 12th regiment has now been started, hopefully completed by next weekend. The last Scottish horse regiment is nearing completion. Just some highlights then basing to be done. 

I've also done another 8 casualty bases, now up to 18 for the game. Should be enough.


  1. Excellent job in continuing to turn units out for Marston Moor!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Robbie, can't wait until they are all done

  3. Impressive Neil 11 of 12 good effort 👍

  4. You must be getting close to putting the game on the table Scotty....really looking forward to seeing your version of this great battle!

    1. Very close. We are about 95% done on the required figures, then need a couple of practice games before the show