Tuesday 28 May 2024

Ave Caesar morituri te salutant!

So for something a little bit different after months of painting English Civil War and Afrika Korps I decided to dig these fellows out and give them a lick of paint. They are the last 6 Gladiators in my collection. The rest were painted up and sold off many years ago. I kind of regret that now. So with the club a buzz with getting some gladiatorial combat in, it was time to get them done. If my memory serves me right I think these figures were from Blacktree Designs, bought a long time ago. Still have a decent amount of detail and stand up well to more modern figures.

Dimarchaerus and Laquearius

Secutor and Bestiarus

Thracian and Samnite

With other club members painting up a few gladiators each, we should hopefully get some games in soon. For rules we will be trying out  Arena of Blood by Wiley Games. I'll also be looking to add a few more, probably from Crusader miniatures to fill in the gaps of the collection.


  1. The Crusader gladiators are nice sculpts. Never bought any BTD gladiators. Well, at least I don’t recall doing so.

    1. The Crusader Gladiators go look nice and will definitely be picking a few up